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Mercedes Rey

Mercedes Rey, Photo Editor

Hi. Random fact--my name means mercy in Latin. I didn’t learn that until last year. I don’t know, I just thought it was kind of  cool.

I’m a pretty quiet person until you get to know me, then I talk a lot once I get to know you.

This year, I am the only advanced photographer which is kind of weird because last year I was the only beginner photographer.

I have a dog named Donni. He is my baby, and I love him very much. 

I love music; music is my safe place. I like all kinds of music. The only music that I don’t listen to is country music. I just don’t like it. 

I love watching movies, and I have seen a lot of movies, so it’s hard to pick which one is my favorite.

My favorite color is grey/silver. 

I also like to read. My favorite book is The Selection. I mostly read books online, but I do have a few books that I own, The Selection being one of them. 

So there’s some stuff about me. Have a good day. Bye Bye.


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