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Amaris Casarez

Amaris Casarez, Staff Writer

I am a sophomore and a beginning staff member. I am the fourth child of six. I enjoy watching Netflix with my siblings and playing board games with them. I have three adorable dogs, nine cats and five chickens. I have always been more of an animal person rather than a people person which is why we probably have so many animals. I also enjoy sleeping in my free time or practicing softball.


I chose the word abnormality because I believe I am a weird person. I believe I am weird because of all the personalities of the people I was raised around. I was raised around plenty of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I was also raised to be myself. 


I chose to do digital design and media production because I wanted to have new experiences and just wanted to see if I would enjoy a new class. Although I have never had a class of this type,  so far I am enjoying this class very much.

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Amaris Casarez