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Nayla Hernandez

Nayla Hernandez, Staff Writer/Photographer

 For starters I suck at talking about myself.  You could ask me my favorite color, and my answer would be “yes”. I am a sophomore and a beginning staffer as well as a  beginning photographer. I am also a student athletic trainer. That's a good start right? 

Some things to know about me are that I love having a busy schedule, so I like to be involved in lots of activities. When things are awkward I like to crack a joke every now and then to loosen up the tension…haha. If something serious is happening, please do not look my way unless you want to get me in trouble…I will laugh.

 My pet peeve is smacking. It  makes me so mad when people chew with their mouths open or when they smack. It's literally not that hard to close your mouth.  Come on, people! I am also bilingual; Spanish was my first language. It was hard for me to understand most of the people in my class, but I learned eventually. So don't be afraid to talk to me in either language, lol.

I am good at solving problems–NOT math problems (math isn't my best subject)--let me clear that up. I tend to think/react on the spot, and I use my resources around me to figure out my next move. 

I believe that is why I used chose the word creativity. I come up with things/ideas, and I figure things out. I guess I like to think creatively or outside the box. I like to express my opinions (maybe not all because some are better off not said..if you know, you know).

Well, that's my bio. If you didn't like it,  too bad. You read it to the end, no?

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Nayla Hernandez