Nayla Hernandez

Nayla Hernandez, Editor/Advanced Photographer

I am not a serious person, so if I’m ever in a serious situation never look my way because I will immediately burst into laughter.

My fears are clowns and bugs and grown men in costumes, believe it or not.

You can hear me walking down the halls because my sandals make so much noise all the time (haha).

My favorite colors are emerald green, royal blue and of course pink.

I'm an editor in newspaper and yearbook, and I’m also an advanced photographer. I've been in journalism for three years, and I will be taking more of these classes next year.

I’ve been in UIL academics for journalism, and I have won state awards in newspaper.

I am also a student athletic trainer. I am quick on my feet and can think on the spot. Although I hate being in stressful situations I can be very calm and try to find solutions.

I am studying to be an ultrasound technician. It's a fun job and the salary pays very well. If I don't become one of these, I will  probably become a nurse or something else in the the medical field.

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Nayla Hernandez