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War Whoop Online–Volume 11

 Thank you for being a part of our readership. The War Whoop is the official newspaper of Seminole High School at 2100 N.W. Ave. D, Seminole, Texas 79360. War Whoop is a member of the Interscholastic League Press Conference, the journalism division of the University Interscholastic League. This publication is a teaching tool of the advanced journalism classes of Seminole High School, and as such, prescribes to the rules and ethics of proper journalism. War Whoop competes on a state level against other publications from 1A-4A schools and can be judged against all newspapers which compete in ILPC on a state level.

This publication does not discriminate based on race, gender, religion or creed. No material will be published which advocates illegal activity, libel, irresponsibility or obscenity. Signed letters to the editor are accepted but will be edited for any content which violates the above criteria. War Whoop is printed by South Plains Printing in Lamesa, Texas. Visit us online at warwhooponline.com or on Twitter @WarWhoop8.


Managing Editors

Aaliyah Ericson and Robin Franklin

News/Features Editor

Aaliyah Ericson

Sports Editor

Robin Franklin

Op-Ed Editor

Bradley Everett

Editorial Board

Aaliyah Ericson

Bradley Everet

Robin Franklin

Sydney Gonzales

Photo Editor

Alayna Amen


Sydney Gonzales

Staff Writers

Dayana Busanes

Ainslee Harvey

Rani Allain

Alayna Amen

Mackenzi Dean

Esmeralda Derma

Anette Sanchez

Advanced Photo Staff 

Jocelyn Gonzales

Photo Staff

Linda Giesbrecht

Nicolae Moncayo

Penelopi Neudorf

Anette Sanchez


Susan Williamson


Robert Chappell

The School Newspaper of Seminole High School
About W2 (warwhooponline)