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I’M JUST SAYING: Independence comes from teamwork

Bradley Everett, Staff Writer

March 26, 2019

I rush into the silent, empty entrance of the school, slipping the other side of my backpack over my arm. Once I see the time, I know it’s over. I slowly walk into the office and take up my late pass, sorrowfully walking to...

OUR VIEW: Lack of information makes vaping risky

February 8, 2019

These days, it seems like one can’t go two steps outside without walking through a cloud of “water vapor” emitted from E-cigarettes. The little devices are everywhere.   Normally, when something causes bodily harm, one wou...

OUR VIEW: Legacy lives on telling history of SHS

January 24, 2019

  While newspaper class may not appeal to everyone, the skills you gain in this class are extremely valuable. The ability to interact, communicate and reason will always be necessary.   When an editor starts out, he or she isn’t ...

EDITORIALLY SPEAKING: Former editors talk about being on staff

Jasmin Klassen, Sports Editor

January 22, 2019

“My absolute favorite part was writing the stories. Something that surprised me during the writing process was how much I got to learn about my classmates, the school, and even about myself. It was such a joy and truly one of...

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