War Whoop Online

2017-2018 Staff

Anna Teichroeb

Managing Editor

As I write this, I consume  my second dose of black coffee after a night of maybe four hours of sleep only to spend my time typing this concoction up while emotionally unstable after just finishing a show I’ve been binge-watching...

Katie Spradlin

Sports Editor

Hello earthlings!! This is my third year and last year to be in journalism, and I am currently the co-editor of the yearbook and the sports editor for both the yearbook and newspaper. Throughout journalism I have made great...

Dusty Barron

News Editor

Hey… want some candy? It’s not poisoned, I swear! I mean… you might catch the common awkwardness I suffer from, but nothing life-threatening… Junior year is kind of like a wall. A big wall. A wall that crashed into...

Triniti Mojica

Photo Editor

I still don’t think that writing about yourself is easy. I am an advanced photographer. I have been a photographer for two years now. I am a senior this year, and after high school I plan to go to college (that’s all...

Cade Thomas

Staff Writer

Hello!  I am a senior. I am involved in journalism, Quill and Scroll, student council, SkillsUSA and Crossroads youth ministry. I am the co-editor of the yearbook and also the organizations editor. I have been involved in...

Jessenia Balderas

Staff Writer/Photographer

Hi!!! I’m a junior and pretty nervous that my high school years are almost over. This year I’m a beginning staffer and photographer. Most people describe me as very shy and I mostly talk through my writing. I really...

Dustie Beaubien

Staff Writer

Trapeze monkeys wait with baited breath for this bio to be submitted.

Jasmin Klassen

Staff Writer

I’m broken but forgiven. I really just wanna love others. I’ve been playing the good old tennis since the seventh grade, and it was love at first sight. My loving and supporting mom and dad always have my back. I have...

Jayton Sales

Staff Writer

Among all of the students, I would be seen as the geekiest and nerdiest in class. But brains aren’t comparable to my physical appearance. I have arms as long as the Brooklyn Bridge and legs as long as a giant! If I could describe...

Sahian Arzate

Staff Writer

Where, oh where, could her bio be? Where, oh where has it gone?

Jayme Delarosa

Staff Writer

Bonne après-midi, Who doesnt’t know me? Exactly. It’s my  first year in journalism. I chose this class to become good at what I do as the years go on. I am a sports writer so I will be writing about the stuff I love. Sometimes...

Kaitlin Harrison

Staff Writer/Photographer

Hello!! I am from the class of 2019. This is my first year as a photographer and staff writer, and let’s just say I’m quite stoked about it. I am also your 2017-2018 Pride of the Tribe Drum Major. I am also a swimmer...

Makenzie Laramore

Sports Librarian

This is my first year in journalism, and I’m a sports liberian. I am also in choir as a soprano one. My favorite thing to do is go to friday night football games. My favorite color is blue. ( I hope I have a great...

Cassey Thiessen

Staff Writer

Привет, сверстники. Hello peers! By the way that was Russian. First, I am a sophomore, and this is my first year as part of the staff, working on the academic section. I wasn’t really sure what all the...

Isaiah Waters

Staff Writer

Aloha, Most of you already know me, so let’s make this brief. I’m a beginner staff writer for the sports section of the yearbook. I like most things simple but extravagant. My hobbies are photography, clothing,...

Faith Bingham


“I was inspired to take the first steps to become a photographer due to the beauty of a captured memory.” I love running in my free time and taking pictures of unique things around me. ...

Whittney Easterwood


I am a junior in high school, and here are a few of my school activities. I am have been in swimming all three years. This is my first year in photojournalism. I am in all honors classes, and I am now in student council. I...

Sebastian Garcia


Hi, I am a new photographer who is looking for some good shots. I came from Denver City and moved to Seminole last year. I like to skate and play sports, and i also like to work out. I have always liked to play with came...

Jaedyn Gates


Hi! I am a sophomore at SHS. I am involved in theatre, band and photojournalism. I am the publicity manager in student council. The stage has pretty much become my second home ever since I was in my first play in kindergarten....

Melissa Moore


This is my first year as a photographer. I chose to be a photographer because I see it as an opportunity to interact with my school. I've been in band for the past six years, and I am an honors student.

Giovanna Uriegas


It is my first year in photojournalism and last year in high school. I’m a seventeen-year-old teenager whose hobbies consist of spending time with friends and family. This year I also decide to become a part of the Seminole T...

Susan Williamson


I have the great pleasure of working with the best journalism staffs anywhere. Whenever someone compliments our publications, I simply say, "I have the best kids". This is my 32nd year to teach journalism and my 37th year working...

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