War Whoop Online

2019-2020 Staff

Robin Franklin

Co-Editor in Chief

This is my third year in journalism and my second on staff. My superpower is being a sprinter because I'm fast. My kryptonite is anxiety because I tend to stress out a lot. My favorite fictional hero is Batman. My real-life...

Aaliyah Ericson

Co-Editor in Chief

"We don't make mistakes. We make happy little accidents." -Bob Ross My superpower is being brutally honest. My kryptonite is conflict with others. Katiniss Everdeen is my favorite fictional hero because she volunteered...

Bradley Everett

Op-Ed Editor/Staff Writer/Videographer

I'm honored that you willingly chose to read my bio. Perhaps you were expecting something wacky and unexpected, and while I can't exactly deliver on that, I can entertain you with an interesting take on life. My philosophy...

Sydney Gonzales

Artist/Staff Writer/Video Editor

“I’m really happy that something can make me feel sad. It’s like, it makes me feel alive. It makes me feel human. The only way I can feel sad now is if I felt something really good before. So, I have to take the bad with...

Alayna Amen

Photo Editor/Staff Writer/Videographer

My philosophy: always think about your choices and how they will affect you and others. My superpower: always being able to recommend something (book, show, movie, song) to someone My kryptonite: talking to people I don't...

Jocelyn Gonzales

Advanced Photographer

My philosophy of life involves music. Music gets me through everything. Every situation I'm in--good or bad--music is always with me. I can't imagine life without some sort of music. If there wasn't any music I would lose my...

Dayana Busanes

Staff Writer

Hello, I've never been more terrified to start a school year, but, oh well, there isn't much I can do about it. In case you would like to know a little bit about me, I have two brothers and love cheesecake!

Rani Allain

Staff Writer

"What's the point in being successful if you aren't happy." With that idealism in mind, one thing I can do better than most would be finding the good in any difficult situation, but I always like to put others before myself,...

Mackenzi Dean

Staff Writer

My philosophy of life is to be kind to everyone no matter what...and to be happy. My superpower is kindness. I am always kind to everyone no matter what. My kryptonite is my shyness. I'm very shy which makes it hard to talk to people sometime...

Ainslee Harvey

Staff Writer/Artist

My philosophy of life is that if you want something, don't let anything stop you. Life is so short so live, don't just exist. My superpower, I would say, is probably perseverance because no matter what happens, I will fight...

Anette Sanchez

Photographer/Staff Writer

My philosophy of life is my superpower--that I am very talkative. I like to communicate with other people and learn about them and what they like. The weakness that gets me every time is that I am very shy. I get very uncomfortable...

Moises Ybaben Burciaga


My philosophy of life is to always have honesty, respect, and integrity. My superpower is the passion I have in using my voice to entertain and touch people through music. My kryptonite is the diffidence that sometimes traps...

Linda Giesbrecht


My philosophy for life is to shine bright, to shine bright for Jesus, to radiate positivity and to just be a light in a world full of darkness. My superpower would be that I am friendly. I would have to say my kryptonite is to always please p...

Penelopi Neudorf


My philosophy in life is to be happy and work hard no matter what life throws at me. My superpowers are drawing and music! What gets me every time--my kryptonite--is anything chocolate, whether it's dipped, covered, smothered...

Jenny Klassen


My philosophy of life is to not waste it trying to please everyone while not being happy. Make your happiness a priority. I would have to say my biggest superpower is probably happiness. My kryptonite would definitely be overthinking. My rea...

Esmeralda Castillo Derma

Staff Writer

My philosophy of life is to always be positive because things will get better. Something I think I do better than others. My superpower would be that I can help people, and I try to be as nice as I can. My weakness is that...

Nicolae Moncayo


The way I look at life is just to have fun with it. You are going to do stuff that you want to but just smile through it. Something that I do really well is that I can stay calm in situations and not get mad. My biggest weakness...

Susan Williamson


I have the great pleasure of working with the best journalism staffs anywhere. Whenever someone compliments our publications, I simply say, "I have the best kids". This is my 36th year to teach journalism and my 36th year working...

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