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2022-2023 Staff

Heidi Giesbrecht--Editor in Chief

Heidi Giesbrecht–Editor in Chief

I am the Editor in Chief of the yearbook and newspaper. This is my second year in journalism and second year on staff. I am super excited to be Editor in Chief this year and hope every students’ name is spelled correctly. E...

Mercedes Rey--Photo Editor

Mercedes Rey–Photo Editor

Hi. This is my third year being a photographer, and I have loved every minute of it.    I have two dogs whom I love more than anything else. They are my babies, and I prefer their company over anyone else's.  &nb...

Kevin Ronquillo--Associate Editor/Advanced Photographer/Artist

Kevin Ronquillo–Associate Editor/Advanced Photographer/Artist

Making publications for school is a responsibility not everyone can handle. This is my second year in yearbook, photojournalism and newspaper. I like capturing the memories that my classmates make. I also draw pictures for the ne...

Rachel Froese--Staff Writer/Advanced Photographer

Rachel Froese–Staff Writer/Advanced Photographer

Hi, I’m a senior. I’m an advanced photographer, and I am on the yearbook staff, newspaper staff as a beginning staffer here in the journalism department. I enjoy my jobs on the staff and always look forward to working on thes...

Dalayni Perez--Staff Writer/Photographer

Dalayni Perez–Staff Writer/Photographer

Howdy! I am so eager to see what God has in store for me my senior year.    This is my second year doing the yearbook for Seminole High School and my first time doing newspaper. I really enjoy this class because I...

Allie Deleon--Staff Writer

Allie Deleon–Staff Writer

This is my third year in journalism and second year as a staff member. I look forward to coming to this class because I've always enjoyed writing. This class has given me so much experience. I have learned so much in my 3 years o...

Nayla Hernandez--Staff Writer/Photographer

Nayla Hernandez–Staff Writer/Photographer

 For starters I suck at talking about myself.  You could ask me my favorite color, and my answer would be “yes”. I am a sophomore and a beginning staffer as well as a  beginning photographer. I am also a student athletic tr...

Josilyn Wilkerson--Staff Writer

Josilyn Wilkerson–Staff Writer

Hey guys!! This is my second year as a staff writer. I’m a junior, and I’m really excited to be in this class again.    Some different things about me: I have a job at United; I’ve been there for 3 months now. ...

Amaris Casarez--Staff Writer

Amaris Casarez–Staff Writer

I am a sophomore and a beginning staff member. I am the fourth child of six. I enjoy watching Netflix with my siblings and playing board games with them. I have three adorable dogs, nine cats and five chickens. I have always be...

Guillermo Cruz--Staff Writer

Guillermo Cruz–Staff Writer

I’m going into my last year of high school. I’m new to the staff, and I'm hoping to have a great time with the staff. Throughout high school I’ve been involved in sports such as football, basketball, and track. In hi...

Lliani Lopez--Staff Writer

Lliani Lopez–Staff Writer

Hello I’m a sophomore who is also a beginning staff member.    I’m the oldest child, and I have a younger brother. To get to know me a little more: I moved here to Seminole when I was six from St.Croix which was ...

Emily Gutierrez--Photographer

Emily Gutierrez–Photographer

Hey, guys! I  just started photojournalism, and it isn’t as bad as I thought. It’s really good. The rest of my classes have just so much to do, especially my Spanish class. I already know how to speak it and how to write it...

Lizbeth Lorenzo--Photographer

Lizbeth Lorenzo–Photographer

Hey there! It’s currently the second day of school, and I’m exhausted. This is my first year of journalism and also my last because I'm a senior. I believe my job is to take pictures, but I’m not totally sure yet.  &nbs...

Esveydi Reyes--Photographer

Esveydi Reyes–Photographer

This is my first year in photojournalism. I am a beginning photographer. I chose photojournalism because I like to take photos. I like all kinds of photography. I think it’s unique. I’ve never owned a camera, but I always lo...

Merayna Reyes--Photographer

Merayna Reyes–Photographer

Hey! This is my first year in journalism as a begining photographer, and I am super thrilled to be involved.    Some things that I enjoy doing are spending time with the people that I love, taking pictures, readin...

Skyla Teichroeb--Photographer

Skyla Teichroeb–Photographer

Hey guys!! I just started photojournalism. I'm in my second year of high school. On the second day of school, I'm already missing summer, swimming, going to the beach and hanging out with friends for days on end.    ...

Susan Williamson--Adviser

Susan Williamson–Adviser

Possibility--the endless quest for something more, something better, something new. I hope this year teaches this staff that the possibilities are out there waiting to be explored.

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