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The School Newspaper of Seminole High School

War Whoop Online

The School Newspaper of Seminole High School

War Whoop Online

The School Newspaper of Seminole High School

Lifters to compete in Plains meet next week

Maidens fifth, Indians third in home meet
Dominate– Senior Alexia Gonzales squats 310 pounds at the home meet on Feb. 1. Gonzales took first overall in the 198-pound class, lifting a total of 810 pounds

The power lifters will compete in Plains on Feb. 15. 

  Lifters new to the program are learning from their mistakes. 

  ‘‘They need to get comfortable with failure,” Maiden Coach Will McCallister said. “Once they get comfortable, we can go from there.’’ 

  Junior Yumalai Roblero Perez, for instance,  is new to power lifting, and “joined because I just wanted to try something new.”            

  Power lifting included three events: squat, bench press and dead lift.

  ‘‘Squat is my best event,” senior Carsen Cox said. “Mainly I work  legs being in football.’’ 

  Senior Alexia Gonzales took second at state last year.  

  ‘‘I am going to advance to state again with hard work, dedication, determination and commitment,’ ’Gonzales said. ‘‘Diet and form play a great role into this too, and I’ve always been glad to push through with it.’’   

  Gonzales is mentoring the younger athletes.  

  ‘‘I’ve always had great teammates and coaches that push me to be the greatest,” Gonzales said. ‘‘I’m doing my best to push my teammates as underclassmen to strive for great things. because I was there once–a freshman not knowing what the future holds.”

Results from Seminole meet on Feb. 1

Maidens–Fifth overall

123-pound class–junior Azaya Navarro-second (bench-225, squat-95, dead lift-225 =545 pounds)

132-pound category–freshman Destiny Neeld-third (bench 210, squat 115, dead lift 225  = 550 pounds; junior Yumilai Roblero Perez-sixth (squat 170, bench 65, dead lift 235 = 470 pounds)

148-pound class–sophomore Marylin Hinojosa-fifth (squat 175, bench 90, dead lift 225 = 490 pounds)

165-pound class–sophomore Karolynn Caballero-eighth (squat 180, bench 85, dead lift 225 = 490 pounds)

198-pound class–senior Alexia Gonzales-first (squat-310, bench 150, dead lift 350 = 810 pounds)

220-pound class–junior Emily Archuletta-fourth (squat 160, bench 85, dead lift 215 = 460 pounds)

242+-pound class-freshman Mikayla Bush-second (squat 190, bench 105, dead lift 230 =525 pounds)

Indians–Third overall

123-pound class–sophomore Joey Penner-fourth (squat 175, bench 125, dead lift 220 = 520 pounds)

165-pound class–senior Aiden Garza-11th (squat 270, bench 145, dead lift 305=720 pounds), junior Francisco Olvera-12th (squat 245, bench 155, dead lift 300 =700 pounds)

198-pound class–senior Austin Vanriper-fifth (squat 375, bench 245, dead lift 345 =965 pounds), junior Austin Vizcayno-sixth (squat 380, bench 185, dead lift 365  =930 pounds), sophomore Halen Hadley-seventh (squat 350, bench 180, dead lift 400 = 930 pounds)

198-pound category–sophomore Hiram Gaytan-11th (squat 300, bench 175, dead lift 335 pounds =810 pounds), freshman Aaron Archuleta-12th (squat 200, bench 110, dead lift 230 = 540 pounds)

220-pound class–junior Ryan Sinclair-fourth (squat 385, bench 215, dead lift 435 = 1,035 pounds), sophomore Aaron Sigala-seventh (squat 325, bench 205, dead lift 370 = 900 pounds), sophomore Kutter Peyton-eighth (squat 300, bench 335, dead lift 335 = 860 pounds), sophomore Jorey Gutierrez-11th (squat 285, bench 155, dead lift 300 = 740 pounds)

242-pound class–junior Isaiah Aguirre-third (squat 435, bench 205, dead lift 435 = 1,075 pounds), junior Owen Call-fourth (squat 350, bench 215, dead lift 435 = 1,000 pounds), junior Brenden Garcia-sixth (squat 300, bench 190, dead lift 365 =855 pounds)

275-pound class–senior Carsen Cox-first (squat 480, bench 265, dead lift 420 = 1,165 pounds), junior Garrett Sellers-third (squat 380, bench 205, dead lift 405 = 990 pounds), junior Reno Deleon-fourth (squat 360, bench 210, dead lift 360 = 930 pounds)

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