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Anna Hernandez

Anna Hernandez, Photographer

HEYYY PEEPS!! I am a junior, and this is my first time taking this photography class. I hope this is a fun, exciting class. 

 I am a band kid who plays the flute, and this is my first year also doing color guard--a person who tosses the colorful flags out on the field. 

I am not much of a serious person if I am a close friend, but I also am not so serious at times when I get into trouble. Am I serious when my mom yells at me? Mmm sometimes but that is also very rare. 

I am a quiet person when I am not around the people I know deeply, but once I become comfortable with most of the people around me, I turn my voice up a tad. 

I am not a social butterfly, and one of my fears is talking to the people who are surrounding me every day. My social battery runs out quickly, but this year as a junior trying new things, I hope this will be a fear that I overcome. 

I enjoy music, and as I'm writing this, I am listening to music. I don’t care if you don’t care--I'm telling you--I'm listening to "Redemption" by Drake. Music usually helps me focus and sometimes get my feelings out. It is also is a type of art, and that's why I love it. 

A big hope of mine is to accomplish all my goals no matter how hard they get. I hope to be more social.

Well that's all. Nice to meet you. LATER PEEPS !!!

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Anna Hernandez