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Rachel Froese

Rachel Froese, Staff Writer/Advanced Photographer

Hi, I’m a senior. I’m an advanced photographer, and I am on the yearbook staff, newspaper staff as a beginning staffer here in the journalism department. I enjoy my jobs on the staff and always look forward to working on these things.

I enjoy reading, watching movies, photography, and spending time with the people I love. My favorite book series is either I Am Number Four or The Stormlight Archive. I have many favorite movie franchises like Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Pirates of the Caribbean. I like Thor, Dr. Strange, and of course who couldn’t love Jack Sparrow. My favorite show ever is Sherlock, but I also enjoy watching The Office, Friends, and New Girl. Spending time with the people I love is very important to me, and making memories with them will always be my favorite thing. I love to be with the people that I love.

My word is invisibility. I picked this word because I’ve always liked to keep a low profile. I’ve never liked to be in the spotlight. People have never really noticed me, so I just feel like it fits. It’s also a good word for a photographer because we need to get people in their real lives, so it would be easier if we could just be invisible.

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Rachel Froese