Powerlifters host season opener

Huge!!–Powerlifting Coach Bo Dickinson watches at senior Alex Wootton squats 600 pounds during the trip meet on Jan. 13. Wootton took first in the 220-pound division, lifting a total of 1,550 pounds.

The Indian and Maiden powerlifters hosted the first meet of the season on Jan. 13 in the weight room. The Indians took second overall (38 points) and the Maidens also took second (40 points).

In the men’s division, senior Marcus Aguilar took fourth in the 148-pound division with at total weight of 615 pounds (squat 220, bench 130, deadlift 265).

In the 165-pound division, junior Dillon Gretch took second with a total weight of 790 pounds (squat 305, bench 150, deadlift 335). Sophomore Dayven Rosales was third with a total of 735 pounds (squat 255, bench 165, deadlift 315).

In the 181-pound division, junior Jeremias Talamantes took first, lifting a total of 1,000 pounds (squat 405, bench 210, deadlift 385.  Senior Logan Jennings took second, lifting a total of 925 pounds (squat 385, bench 185, deadlift 355). Sophomore Austin Vanriper was third with a total of 810 pounds (squat 260, bench 205, deadlift 345).

In the 220-pound division, senior Alex Wootton lifted a total of 1,550 pounds (squat 600, bench 350, deadlift 600).

In the 242-pound division, freshman Ryan Sinclair lifted a total of 760 pounds for fifth place (squat 315, bench 150, deadlift 295). Junior Jake Sumrow took sixth, lifting 745 pounds (squat 250, bench 180, deadlift 315). Freshman Jackson Campbell took seventh with 485 total pounds (squat 160, bench 100, deadlift 225).

In the 275-pound division, sophomore Carsen Cox took second, lifting a total of 885 pounds (squat 345, bench 195, deadlift 345).

In the women’s division, junior Emily Archer took first in the 114-pound division, with a total of 350 pounds (squat 135, bench 65, deadlift 150).

In the 123-pound division, senior Arielle Fehr took first with a total of 560 pounds (squat 225, bench 135, deadlift 200). Junior Jazmyn Sharko Valdez took second with a total of 475 pounds (squat 160, bench 105, deadlift 210). Freshman Olivia Reimer was fourth with a total of 425 pounds (squat 155, bench 65, deadlift 205).

In the 148-pound division, freshman Anna Friessen Friesen took fourth, lifting a total of 310 pounds (squat 120, bench 65, deadlift 125).

In the 165-pound division, junior Karsyn Hogue took third, lifting 465 pounds (squat 165, bench 115, deadlift 185).

In the 198-pound division, sophomore Alexia Gonzales took first with 760 total pounds (squat 300, bench 160, deadlift 300).

In the 259-pound division, senior Yarely Delgado took first with 640 total pounds (squat 270, bench 100, deadlift 270).

The lifters next competition will be Plains on Jan. 27.