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Heidi Giesbrecht

Heidi Giesbrecht, Staff Writer

Hello, people who are reading this! This is my first year in journalism, though it takes me forever to write almost anything. One of my coolest talents is my ability to procrastinate but still get assignments done early. I’m also the person that most people cheat off of, or at least try to.

One lesson that I continue to learn is that sometimes things that are good in the moment aren’t great in the future. For example,  Taco Bell tastes good, but after a while, your body starts to hate you and will make sure that you know it. Even though it hurts me, I’m still going to eat it. 

Fun Fact: The yearbook from my freshman year has more pictures and features of me than most people get throughout their high school career. 


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Heidi Giesbrecht