MY VIEW: New Year’s resolutions are essentially meaningless


Along with the bang of fireworks on New Year’s come New Year’s resolutions. Most people often make a resolution for what they want to accomplish in the upcoming year, but most people don’t follow through. New Year’s resolutions are a pointless activity that are only done because people like the idea of being a different person. 

  The most common resolutions I know of are to eat healthier and work out more, but I don’t know a single person who has actually stuck to either of those resolutions. People start off great, but by the time February hits, life gets busy, and resolutions are abandoned. I think people like the idea of change, but after realizing the work takes more than just one week, they lose interest.

  One way I think people would be able to stick to their resolutions is by having an accountability partner–a person who reminds you of your goal–and in return, you remind them about theirs.

  I also think the lack of motivation for change is another reason people give up so quickly. Unless what they want to resolve is a life altering decision, it is unlikely they will follow through on it. 

  Looking back, I can’t remember any of my past resolutions. I doubt I ever had real motivation to stick to my resolutions, and I know I have never had anyone hold me accountable. I do remember making them and being excited to make resolutions, but I would soon forget and repeat the whole cycle the next year. 

  After realizing this viscious cycle, I wanted decided to  test whether I actually ever completed a resolution. In the past couple years, I wrote them down and forgot about them until New Year’s Eve. I realized that I would never fulfill the unrealistic resolutions, and I have never remembered them by the time the year was up. 

  This year, instead of making a big resolution that was never going to happen, I made a small, realistic goal that I hope to accomplish throughout the year.

  If you want to resolve something, there is no need to wait for the new year when the time between May 17, 2023, and May 17, 2024, is the same as Jan. 1, 2023, and Jan. 1, 2024. Just because you decide you want to change on a date that isn’t Jan. 1, does not mean your resolution or goal is any less significant. 

  Even though I strongly believe that New Year’s resolutions are meaningless, I know there is probably golden people out there who do complete their New Year’s resolutions. I’m just saying that setting goals and achieving them do not have to coincide with the new year, only with your motivation and ability to follow through.