Holidays provide time to help and appreciate


Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. However, real life heroes have qualities that impact everyday life. 

  “My dad is my hero because he helps and supports my choices,” senior Austin Lacy said. “We are a lot alike. We think and look the same so I follow in his footsteps. He makes good                           

  decisions and it helps me make better ones. 

“He shows me right from wrong, which I appreciate. He is always there and supports me.”

  To most people, heroes are found in the family.

  “My dad is my hero because he takes care of me and my family,” sophomore Haleigh Klassen said. “He puts us first and 

does everything he can for us. My dad shows me how to be selfless. He puts the needs of 

others before his.”

  During low points in life, heroes can make all the difference in a person’s life.

  “In sports, when I do bad, my mom will tell me I have another game,” freshman Austin 

Olivas said. “She helps me focus on the positive things I have done and not the negative. The same goes for when I am sad.”

  Heroes aren’t just admired, but have strong connections with those they inspire.

  “If I am having a really bad day, my mom just knows what I’m thinking,” junior Angie Klassen Enns said. “She knows me the best, so she gets me through every single day. 

The way my mom has a really positive attitude has inspired me to have a more

positive attitude in the things I do.”

   Math teacher Dodie Boyd’s heroes were faith-based as she tried to be a kind and loving role model.

  “Jesus is my hero,” Boyd said. “He is the hope and inspiration of my life. By living the word, I can read about how Jesus lived, which sets a guide for my life. He was the living word, so he is a living example for how I want to try to live my life.”

  Being a hero for others could make the holiday season better both for the recipient and the giver.

  “The little things can make me a hero,” Klassen Enns said. “Showing kindness every single day to whomever I am with and having patience, too.”