OUR VIEW: Kindness always counts

Doing something nice takes no effort at all


artwork by Kevin Ronquillo

   A student’s papers fly out of his hands and into the busy hallway. The kind thing to do would be to help him pick up his papers before other students trample them, scattering them even more. That would be an act of kindness.

  Kindness, however, is not always the common reaction to someone in need which is a sad commentary on humanity these days.

  People often focus on what others can do for them but fail to see what they can do for others. Kindness does not require an abundance of effort. It can just be giving a couple of dollars to the charity bell ringer in front of a store or rounding up at the cash register to give to a worthy cause. 

  Giving does not have to be limited to just money. Gently-worn clothing can be donated to places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Habitat for Humanity. Toys in good condition can go to needy children. New toys can go into the donation box next to the library. Old bicycles can be donated to Autotech SkillsUSA on our own campus. 

  Kindness does not even have to be a material act. While donating materials and money does help, actions are just as important. Being kind can be one small, helpful action like holding the door open for the next person. Kindness can be a couple hours after school volunteering in the community or helping a peer with homework. Even words of encouragement are kind actions that require nothing other than a little bit of time. It could be a compliment to someone or a word of encouragement when someone looks troubled. These are little things that can positively impact a person’s day.

  Arguments against these simple things often come in the form of “it does not make much of a difference” comments. It is important to realize that being kind doesn’t require a huge donation or lots of money. Giving a helping hand or a couple of dollars can mean so much to the people receiving the help. 

  The key to kindness is not trying to give the most, but rather, giving what can be given to band together to make a difference. Apathy kills kindness.

  Small acts of kindness could change the world if people thought to do them without expecting anything in return. This holiday season, instead of taking and taking, try giving to those around you with gifts of a dollar in the donation bucket, a little help or a kind word.