GOOD SPORT: Heroes set good examples on everyday basis


 Heroes don’t necessarily need a cape or superpowers. I never would have thought I would have a hero in an athletic sport, but I was wrong.

  A hero can have a positive impact on my life whether it is short term or long term. Heroes are important because they have changed my mind-set in a valuable way. Heroes are my role models, the people I look up to

  My heroes have been my family and two of my coaches.  

  My great, big family has supported me since I was little.  They have traveled to watch me play no matter how far away, pushing me to be the best I can be. They have made sure I finished without giving up. Their support has made me who I am today. They have taught me that I will win games and lose games, but sportsmanship is more valuable. They reminded me that a good attitude or a confident mind-set are important and only I can determine them.

 I will never forget what my parents tell me before every game, “No matter what you are doing, do it for the glory of God.” This is why family has had a significant influence in my sports life. 

  Coaches can either make you or break you. Many of my coaches have made an impact on my life; however Coach Steven Flowers has a big impact on me because the hours he has spent throwing with me. He is trying to make me better each and every day. He was able to build my confidence and show me that it is okay to mess up. 

  Coach Flowers is the coach that I can depend on. He will always encourage me no matter whether my throw was good or bad. Not many coaches stay after to help or even care about an athlete’s performance during meets or practices, but Flowers attends to his athletes.  

  Coach Brian Legan has a big effect on my life as well because he has taken initiative to make the softball department recover from the past. From the start of the year, Coach Legan has put his athletes on a set schedule that makes us improve in weight lifting and even in softball. To me that makes it more beneficial for our softball team. 

  He is always willing to open the field on any day of the week, and he believes in everyone. He is always encouraging us to do our best. 

  Both of these coaches have a good heart toward others. They are my heroes because they put others before themselves and bring good qualities into practices and elsewhere. 

  Therefore, I can always find that special someone in my life I can call my hero. Heroes can change little things in my life. A single person can change my mind about the way I think about the game. My heroes have made a big, life changing in my personal life. They are great examples and give internal characteristics of a mentors I look up to. These heroes have left legacies in my athletic career.