Lifters begin season with smaller meets

Taking the weight– Junior Arielle Fehr squats 205 pounds at the home meet on Jan. 28. Fehr lifted a total of 505 pounds over the three events to take first place in the 123-pound division.

 The powerlifting season began with a COVID-altered schedule on Jan. 28, hosting Denver City. The meet on Feb. 11 was cancelled due to weather.

  Due to the pandemic powerlifting can only compete in regular meets against one other team.  

  “The atmosphere is really different this year,” senior Irvin Delgado said. “It feels like there is not much competition since the meets are only against one school, and you don’t see as many lifters.” 

  The pandemic ended in 2020, it was before three SHS state qualifiers could make to trip to the final level.

  “It feels good to be back,” senior Caleb Alexander said. “It is definitely a lot to come back to since last year we were expecting to keep lifting and everything got cancelled without explanation.”

  Not only did the pandemic change the season, the powerlifting team has new coaches in Bo Dickenson for the Indians and Keegan Reynolds for the Maidens. 

  “I like the new coaches,” junior Yarely Delgado said. “They are very encouraging and help us out in whatever we are doing. We need to have trust in them because they know what they are doing.” 

  While Reynolds is new to the sport, Dickinson has four years of experience with powerlifting. 

  “My main goal for the season is to see kids develop an incredible work ethic, discipline, teamwork skills, and leadership,” Dickinson said. “I want them to become better versions of themselves every single day.” 

  Senior Kasey Long was stopped short of performing at the state meet last year, but she said she hopes to go this season.

  “I hope I am able to make it to state again,” Long said. “The meet was cancelled last year, which made me pretty upset, but I am excited to be back and have another chance to get where I was.” 

Results from Seminole meet Jan. 28 

Maidens–second with 24 points

114-pound division–Allison Cope-1st (385 total pounds)

123-pound division–Arielle Fehr-1st (505 total pounds)

165-pound division–Karsyn Hogue-2nd (405 total pounds)

181-pound division–Alexia Gonzales-4th (600 total pounds)

Indians-second with 33 points

165-pound division–Aiden Williams-4th (700 total pounds)

220-pound divison–Jeremias Talamantes-4th (1,030 total pounds)

220-pound division–Trevino Marc-4th (875 total pounds)

242-pound division–Irvin Delgado-4th (1,210 total pounds)

308-pound division–Caleb Alexander-4th (1,075 total pounds)