OUR VIEW: Prom should not be a burden on finances


artwork by Kevin Ronquillo

 While a new prom dress can be bought for $200-1,000, used or borrowed dresses are  cheaper. Buying gowns can be a fun experience; however, it is important to know that those $500 dresses are not needed to look nice at prom.

  Every year for prom, teen girls go out and buy new dresses for hundreds of dollars, if not more. Tuxedos can also cost hundreds of dollars to rent. Students spend  on average, 4250-500 for an outfit they may only wear once.

  There are other more cost-effective options. Dresses and tuxes can be reused or rented. Spanish teacherJuanita Garcia runs SHS’s prom closet where students can borrow a dress or suit and return them after prom. Dresses and tuxes can also be borrowed from friends and family who have been to previous formal events and are no longer using the clothing. Rather than buying an expensive tux, they can be rented along with shoes for an affordable price.

  Instead of borrowing a dress, it is also possible to buy  a cheaper alternative. Dresses can be bought online for a fraction of the price as some in-store dresses. The only negative of shopping online is that it has to be ordered early enough to come in and be altered on time. Inexpensive dresses can also be bought at department stores.

  People in favor of buying a new attire each year, say that buying a new outfit ensures the quality. But having formal wear made of quality material can still be happen when bought from a market store or second hand. 

  Those who are for buying new dresses every year also argue that shopping is part of the prom experience. Students go out and get to shop with friends and family to find a dress they want to wear, but the experience is not worth hundreds of dollars. 

  Going to prom is an important experience for high school students, but spending $500 on a dress and an extra $100 for accessories is not necessary to look nice. This year, instead of spending tons of money, reuse a dress or tux. For a better alternative that saves money and resources, choose a rental or cheaper option for junior prom and perhaps go the new attire route for senior prom.