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Sarah Patterson, Editor in Chief

For starters, I chose to take my picture with the “&” sign because of a Coke Zero® commericial that ran in 2012. The star of the commericial always ask the question, “And?” as he is expecting a little bit more on his ice cream, or from his job, or, for the sake of advertisement, a little bit more out of his drink; hence the Coke Zero®: “Real Coca-Cola Taste AND Zero Calories.” All of that to say, I like living on the “more” side of life. Not that I expect crazy, outrageous things from people, because honestly, I am easily entertained and satisfied. However, I like the idea that we don’t have to let dreams just be dreams. We can take these dreams AND actually live them out AND allow ourselves AND our lives to be more than we ever thought they could. So for me, saying “And?” is a reminder to myself to not give in so easily AND continue to dream big with high hopes of making the world a little happier of a place to be.

Now to say a little bit about me: I really like just having a good ole time with people. I love people, ALL people. One of my favorite things to do is laugh AND when I can do that in a room full of people who I, most fortunately, get to call my friends, I am, in those moments especially, content AND full of joy. I also enjoy writing, whether that be for my blog, in a letter to a friend, for the Tepee Yearbook of which I serve as editor of the Student Life section, or for the War Whoop Newspaper of which I serve as the Editor-in-Chief. Writing is something that comes naturally to me AND getting to use that talent to speak to other people always excites me.

It’s my senior year, AND I have plans of attend Hardin-Simmons University to major in Elementary Education AND minor in missions. The thought of college AND what’s to come thrills me, but for now, I am glad to live in the here AND now AND make the most of my last year in high school AND the friendships I have here. Jesus is so sweet to me, AND I love that my future is in His hands.

“Where you invest your love, you invest your life.” -"Awake My Soul" by Mumford & Sons

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Sarah Patterson