MY LEFT-HANDED VIEW–This lefty left with only pride


I am a proud member of an elite minority. A minority that consists of the creative and wise. I hold up my left hand in pride.

We left-handed people have left our marks, not only on the sides of our hands, but also on this world. We are authors and musicians. We are artists, athletes and actors. We are the kings and queens of distant lands and the leaders of the free world. We are the reformers and the revolutionaries. We are the lefties, and we continue to better the human race.

Let me make this simple.

Joan of Arc? Left-handed. Helen Keller? Left-handed. Jay Leno? Left-handed. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr? Left-handed. Leonardo da Vinci? Left-handed. Prince Charles and Prince William? Left-handed. Benjamin Franklin? Left-handed. Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama? Left-handed. Albert Einstein? You guessed it, left-handed.

Now before I drive you mad listing names of southpaws, I ask you not to ignore the names of people like Napoleon Bonaparte. Yes, we’ve had a few slip-ups, but that’s the great thing about this elite minority. We don’t often hold grudges and forgiving comes almost naturally. To be fair, though, we all know that only a lefty could actually try to take over the world.

Although possible, world domination is not our main aim. Our purpose is to stand up against the status quo and raise a fist at being “normal” — a left fist, that is. After all, no one is remembered in history for being “normal”.

Take Leonardo da Vinci. for example. He was far from what today’s society considers to be ordinary; however, he did paint the Mona Lisa, one of the most widely known masterpieces.

And don’t you dare try to tell me Einstein was normal. Geniuses never do seem to be all that ordinary. I guess it’s just a trait found in the elite minority. Still, the scientific community, and our planet for that matter, would be lost without his discoveries.

Point is, lefties are brilliant minds with the desire to better society as a whole and ultimately cover up the slack of their right-handed friends. We just want to make the world a more enjoyable place.

Anything righties can do, lefties can do better, and have more fun along the way.

After all, lefties are 100 percent* more creative than righties, and to quote the wise words of Einstein himself, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Lefties are creative and tend to be more carefree. Lefties are also intelligent, but tend to be more able, or willing, to let go of the stress that comes with intelligence and effortlessly savor the happiness that life provides. We have fun.

Now, in the short few years of my life, I’ve heard the argument, “Right-handed people live significantly longer than left-handed people,” made by many envious righties. Even if this is scientifically true, it’s obvious why, isn’t it? We lefties enjoy life so much more abundantly; therefore, it is only fair we allow righties to make up for the lack of fun they’ve had in these longer life spans. Ultimately, fun is just another aspect of life of which lefties have more.

Lefties have left our colorful mark on this millennium and will continue to do so in the years to come.

We are the lefties. We are the creative and wise. We are the elite minority, and we hold up our left hands in pride.

* Please note this is not an actual fact or statistic.