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Alayna Amen
My philosophy: always think about your choices and how they will affect you and others.

My superpower: always being able to recommend something (book, show, movie, song) to someone

My kryptonite: talking to people I don't know...doing new things...and myself.

My fictional hero: detective Dominick "Sonny" Carisi. He may not have laser eyes or the ability to talk to fish, but he helps abuse and assault victims get help and justice. To me, not having powers, but having the will to do the right thing, makes him just as heroic as any superhero.

My real life hero: anybody who's actually doing something to help save the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

Random facts:

1) I find true crime + neuropsychology very fascinating.

2) I love cryptids.

3) I am an enamel pin/sticker/candle collector.

4) I am a graphic editor!

5) I love procedurals (mainly crime/medical).

Alayna Amen, Photo Editor/Staff Writer/Videographer

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Alayna Amen