HOLIDAY CHEER ENDS YEAR: Accounting class wins door decor contest with Grinch theme


Winners– Jody Steele’s accounting class wins the door decorating contest. (Left) Steele, Anthony Tran, Emelio Aguilar, Preston Stevenson, Jathon Hardman, Blayze Bandy, Isaac Castaneda, Ailee Sanchez, Karyme Ortiz, (right) Clayton Lee, Dillon Fehr, Aganetha Wall, Carlos Tesillo, Jordan Neufeld


 Jody Steele’s second period accounting class won student council’s Deck the Halls door decorating contest. Their “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” theme won the class a breakfast party.

  “It was all Coach Steele’s idea, but she made us do all the work,” junior Jordan Neufeld said. “She was a little stressed out about a couple things; she really wanted it to look good and it did.” 

  The display featured a sleigh and characters from the story of the Grinch.

  “My favorite part is probably the Grinch because he was perfect, and whoever drew him did a great job,” senior Karyme Ortiz said. “Brody (Crawford), Edna (Wiebe), and Aganetha (Wall) worked on it the most. They cut out all the stuff and hung them on the wall and drew it all.” 

  The contest gave only a few days to complete decorations.

  “It was fast-paced, and we had full dedication and precision,” senior Anthony Tran said. “It took us three days for our class to finish.”   

  Results were sent by email, and Sarai Trevino’s door was originally announced as the overall winner, but 30 minutes later, a correction was issued because the judges had mixed up the rooms.

  “I was very let down, then I looked at the door that won and it wasn’t even decorated,” junior Aganetha Wall said. “I felt a little ripped off, but we accepted it because we worked hard. But I was ecstatic that our work really did pay off, and we won.” 

  Yolanda Robledo’s class was awarded for best use of lights with “You’re a Mean One, Mister Grinch”. The most creative prize went to Lacy Molina’s door for “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”.

  The student council organizes the event every year.

  “The purpose of the door decorating contest is to spread holiday cheer at the school and get the students involved and excited for Christmas break,” senior student council officer Brian Mendoza said. “Every year I see students have a lot of fun, and take it very seriously. It’s amazing when this time of year comes around.”