UIL academic team takes third overall at Tech meet


Lizbeth Lorenzo

Extra practice–Junior Edison Sheppard and Eduardo Rodarte play chess between contests during the Red Raider Classic UIL meet on Jan. 14. While Rodarte competed in math and science events, Sheppard was part of the piloted chess competition.

The UIL academic team took third overall with 195 points at the Texas Tech practice meet on Jan. 14.

In accounting, junior Chloe Guenther was fourth.

In ninth grade calculator,  Halen Hadley was second and Dominick Higgins was sixth. In 1oth grade calculator, Caimbrien Jones was third. In 11th grade calculator, Nathan Friessen took fifth. In 12th grade calculator, Lizbeth Lorenzo was fourth and Kevin Ronquillo was sixth.

In copyediting, junior Ingrid Lopez Jimenez was third, while sophomore Nayla Hernandez took sixth.

In current issues and events, sophomore Ethan Salazar was fourth.

In editorial writing, senior Heidi Giesbrecht took second.

In feature writing, Giesbrecht was fourth, while Hernandez took fifth.

In headline writing, Giesbrecht took sixth.

In literary criticism, sophomore Leah Martin was sixth.

In overall mathematics, the team of freshman Eva Thiessen, junior Eduardo Rodarte, junior Omar Gameros and junior David Guenther  took second with Thiessen in fourth place individually, Rodarte in fifth and Gameros in sixth.

In the ninth grade mathematics division, Thiessen was first, Monica Morin was fifth and Mia Cowan was sixth. In the 10th grade division, Jack Chen was second and Brett Boyles was fifth. In the 11th grade division, Rodarte was first, Gameros took second, D. Guenther was third and junior Chloe Garrison took sixth. In the 12th grade division, Austin Lacy was sixth.

In news writing, Lopez Jimenez was second and Hernandez took fourth.

In ninth grade number sense, Thiessen was second. In 10th grade number sense, Chen was second and Boyles took third. In 11th grade number sense, Rodarte took second, while Gameros was fourth.

In ready writing, junior Susana Friessen took fifth.

In science, the team of sophomore Hannah Jones, junior Gavin Dickson, senior Jason Lawrence and D. Guenther took first overall with Jones in first, Dickson in second, Lawrence in third and D. Guenther in sixth.

In ninth grade science, Thiessen was first and Julie Rezac took second. In 10th grade science, H. Jones was first and C. Jones was second. In 11th grade science, Dickson was first and D. Guenther took third. In 12th grade science, Lawrence was first.

In social studies, the team of sophomore Isabella Hare, freshman Noah Franco and freshman Tristan Goodwin took second overall. Hare took fourth individually.

In spelling and vocabulary, the team of junior Amy Klassen, senior Abigail Fortner and Miah Gowan took first overall. Klassen took first individually.

The journalism team of Giesbrecht, Hernandez and Lopez Jimenez took second overall with a combined five events for 64 points.

In the piloted chess contest, sophomore Isaac Neuforf took fifth while junior Eddison Sheppard and sophomore Cody Giesbrecht tied for sixth