EOC tests begin with English language arts


Rubena Loewen

Getting ready– Testing coordinator Aine Lopez discusses laptop procedures with freshmen and sophomores who will take the EOC English tests online on March 31 and April 1. Lopez spent two weeks meeting with test takers and going over online testing procedures during assembly time.

Freshmen and sophomore students will take the STARR End of Course exams in English I and II on Monday, March 31, and Tuesday, April 1, while the rest of the school has classes as usual.

Testing will be in the multipurpose room, upper rubber-floored gym and several other areas for smaller groups during both days.

Information about where to test will be posted on the library windows on March 28.

Students may bring a library book but no other books or papers. Students are advised not to bring cell phones, but if they do, they will be required to turn them in to the test administrator or face disqualification from testing.

Students are not allowed to discuss any item on the tests even with teachers. Breaking confidentiality on the test is now a legally punishable offense, resulting in invalidation of test results, loss of teachers’ certificates, and/or being brought up on criminal charges for violating confidentiality.

Students should remember to eat a good breakfast with protein before the test. Those taking the tests online should bring laptops fully charged on testing day.