15 musicians qualify for state solo and ensemble

Fifteen musicians qualified for state solo and ensemble competition in May after performing at the Region 16 contest at Coronado High School in Lubbock on Feb. 23.

Qualifying solos had to perform a Class I piece of music and earn a Division I. They included junior Kolten Sinclair on percussion-Division I and senior Jude Gomez on percussion-Division I.

Qualifying ensembles also had to perform a Class I piece of music and earn a Division I. Ensembles included:

Clarinet Ensemble–senior Kaitlin Harrison, sophomore Whitlee Tate, sophomore Kaylee Garcia, freshman Laura Garcia, sophomore Sarai Portillo, senior Karina Leyva and senior Melissa Moore-Division I

Saxophone Trio–senior Abi Avitia Lopez, sophomore Miguel Arreola Lechuga, and  Tate-Division I

Brass Ensemble–freshman Daniel Carrizales, junior Isaac Davis Tovar, sophomore Natasha Fehr, junior Katy Beth Lashaway, junior Dustie Beaubien and freshman Hanna Wiebe

Non-advancing Class II solos included: Flute Solo – Alé Macias Morales-Division I,  Flute Solo–freshman Yasmin Saenz-Division I, Flute Solo–freshman Braylee Webster-Division I; Alto Saxophone Solo–sophomore Karina Villa-Division III;  Horn Solo–freshman Davis Banman-Division I;  Trumpet Solo–Carrizales-Division I; Trumpet Solo–freshman Logan Jennings-Division I;  Trombone Solo–sophomore Angel Perez-Division II; Euphonium Solo–sophomore Seth Barrientes-Division II, Euphonium Solo–senior Austin Shortes-Division I, Euphonium Solo–freshman Caleb Stanley-Division I

Non-advancing ensembles included:

Trumpet Trio–sophomore Frank Neudorf, freshman Luis Gameros Robles and Davis Tovar-Division I

Brass Ensemble–Neudorf, Jennings, Banman, senior Aaron Edwards,  Shortes and sophomore Bryan Wiebe-Division II

Brass Ensemble–Gameros Robles, sophomore Katie Fehr, freshman Tiffany Neufeld, junior Zach Guenther, Barrientes and Wiebe-Division II