MY VIEW: Snow day welcome break from schedule

MY VIEW: Snow day welcome break from schedule

  I woke up like I would any other Sunday morning, but in this case, it was two hours later than usual. I looked out the window and white was all I saw. Time for a snow day!

  When I got up I go into the living room to look out the window at the whiteness, my first thought was to ask my mom if I could have snow ice cream for breakfast. Snow ice cream is clean snow, vanilla extract, sugar and a little bit of milk. If you’ve never had snow ice cream, then you haven’t had a true snow day.

  I took a shower and immediately put on snow boots and waterproof coat and pants to go get my snow. You have to be careful and choose your snow from a high place where the snow hasn’t been contaminated by dirt or pets. When I came back inside my mom made me some snow ice cream, and I ate the whole bowl. 

  Later, I got the urge to go outside and play in the snow since it’s so rare in Texas. When I got outside my mom insisted that I make a snow angel. I didn’t know how to fall on my back without hurting myself so my mom told me to “take a charge” like I do in basketball, and I was able to do it. I added a halo after it was done.

  I tried to build a snowman but it didn’t work out how I had hoped since the snow was still fresh. Later in the day when the snow could stick together I made a snowman. He was really small and had green Rolos for eyes with a fruit roll up mouth. I named him Jeffrey.

  After I had my fun in the snow it was time to go to sleep and get ready for my busy school week coming up. As I was getting ready for bed I got a notification on my phone saying that school had been cancelled for Monday. I was a little upset but also relieved. I love days off, but I had so much work to do. 

  I was excited to get another day off until I got a message saying there was basketball practice. I still had to go to practice because even on a snow day, I’m too busy. I went up to the school and had to drive on the black ice covering the road. It was pretty scary considering it was only the second time I’d driven on a snow day. Thankfully I made it to practice and back in one piece.

  In the afternoon I got to watch my favorite NBA team the Utah Jazz play. It was one of the highlights of school being cancelled. They played at 2 p.m. and normally I would have missed the game. 

  After that, I got back to business. I started practicing for my all-state choir audition. I was supposed to audition that day so it was good to have extra practice time before then.

  I hoped that the roads would be cleared of their ice so that I could go back to school. Snow days may be fun but I had so much planned for that day. I had to try and get two days of work done because of the snow day cancelling school. Even though I needed school to happen, it was nice to know that I didn’t have to focus on my busy schedule for a few hours of fun.