GOOD SPORT: Adversity can lead to positive outcomes


Sometimes, something good can come out of an awful situation.

  When Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin stopped breathing after a hit in the Jan. 2 game against the Cincinnati Bengals, the world seemed captivated by his struggle to live.

  As Bills’ trainer Danny Kellington, administered CPR, a step that surely saved his life, players and fans worldwide seemed to witness a miracle, especially when Hamlin showed improvement in the hospital and eventually breathing on his own.

  The incident seemed to unite the two teams, since they refused to continue playing after the incident.

    People began to look for ways to make the situation better. Hamlin’s toy drive for children, which had a goal of raising $2,500 suddenly began to grow. By Jan. 7, it had raised over $8.6 million, with donations from many of his on-field foes. That money will be funneled into children’s education and sports programs.

  The hunger to be supportive manifested in a variety of ways. For instance, during the divisional play-off game on Sunday, the NFL aired commercials about the increase in CPR training since the incident. Ultimately, Hamlin’s incident may save countless lives in the future.

   After Hamlin was taken in the emergency truck, Bill players got on their knees and prayed.  With a positive mind-set you are able to achieve anything, and those players prayed for his recovery. 

  It just goes to show that when people come together to get something accomplished there’s always growth. Just as area teams come together after a tragic accident affecting another team or when the community raises funds to support an exchange student’s war-torn country or when the school comes together to support a coach’s daughter with a kidney condition, people rise to help when a need arises.  

  A positive perspective can lead to the development of more positivity. The community’s aid throughout a difficult time can make a significant effect on others in need. 

  With help and hope Damar Hamlin was able to get back home and watch his teammates in the divisional play off on Sunday, ironically against the Bengals. Without the positive support of others, he wouldn’t have been at that sky box window showing the world his heart symbol with his hands.