Four Maidens compete at region powerlifting

Four Maidens took 11th place as a team at the region powerlifting meet in Monahans on March 6.

In the 123-pound division, junior Arielle Fehr took ninth, squatting 235 pounds, benching 110 pounds and deadlifting 230 points for a 575-pound total.

In the 165-pound division, senior Kasey Long took fourth, squatting 260 pounds, benching 170 pounds and deadlifting 340 pounds for a 770-pound total.

In the 198-pound division, freshman Alexia Gonzales took eighth place, squatting 295 pounds, benching 140 pounds and deadlifting 285 pounds for a total of 720 pounds.

In the 259-pound division, junior Yarely Delgado squatted 235 pounds, benched 110 pounds and deadlifted 280 pounds for a 625-pound total.