Powerlifters start season at Big Spring meet

Eye on state-- Deadlifting 330 pounds, senior Siria Martinez takes first in the Big Spring meet in the 181-pound division. Martinez, who took second in state last year, lifted a combined 885 pounds over three events to win on Jan. 11.

The powerlifting teams will compete at the Reagan County meet tomorrow in Big Lake.

  The powerlifting teams saw their first action in Big Spring on Jan. 11 with both Maiden and Indian teams placing fifth.

  Senior Siria Martinez took first place in the 181-pound division in her quest to get back to the state meet where she took second as a junior. 

  “I feel like it’s a stepping stone I had to overcome to see what I was capable of this season,” Martinez said. “That meet showed where I am, and now I’m more confident in setting goals for future meets.”

  Junior Irvin Delgado placed third place in the 220-pound division.

  “This meet will propel me forward for the next meets coming up,” Delgado said. “It’s our first meet so you want to see what you need to work on.”

  Junior Kaleigh Rios, a newcomer to the program,  placed fifth in the 105-pound division.

  “I feel like I did pretty well for my first powerlifting meet,” Rios said. “My goals for the first meet were to get most of my lifts.”

  In order to qualify for region competition, lifters must be in the top 12 in regional standings.

Results form Big Spring meet Maidens-fifth with 13 points

105-pound division–Kayleigh Rios-5th (340 total pounds)

114-pound division–Allison Cope-5th (365 total pounds)

123-pound division–Arielle Fehr-5th (485 total pounds)

148-pound division–Karah Lambert-3rd (655 total pounds)

165-pound division–Katy Beth Lashaway-10th (555 total pounds)

181-pound division–Siria Martinez-1st (885 total pounds)

Indians-fifth with 12 points

165-pound division–Gabriel Zubiate-2nd (920 total pounds)

165-pound division–Oscar Ariza Arellano-5th (885 total pounds)

198-pound division–Alex Wootton-6th (865 total pounds)

220-pound division–Irvin Delgado-3rd (1,130 total pounds)

220-pound division–Jeremias Talamantes-11th (850 total pounds)

242-pound division–Rikter Connally-5th (855 total pounds)

275-pound division–Caleb  Alexander-4th (1,150 total pounds)