STATE CHAMPION: Alvidrez takes powerlifting title and record


Kaitlin Harrison

Breaking records-- Senior Ian Alvidrez lifts 1,560 pounds at the Seminole meet on Jan. 24. Alvidrez has broken the region record twice since January.

Senior Ian Alvidrez took the state title in the 220-pound category in state competition in Abilene on March 23. Alvidrez holds the Division II state record for total weight lifted in his weight class with 1,765 overall combined pounds (700 pounds squat, 405 pounds bench, 635 pounds deadlift). Alvidrez put the Seminole in seventh place in the overall team results in the state as its lone lifter.

Alvidrez took the region championship in Sundown on March 8.

Alvidrez took first in the 220-pound division, squatting 660 pounds, benching 410 pounds and deadlifting 655 pounds for a total of 1,725 pounds.

The Indian team took ninth overall with 10 points.

Additional region results included:

123-pound division, sophomore Anthony Tran-seventh (235+145+310=690 pounds)

148-pound division, sophomore Gabriel Zubiate-10th (385+170+400=955 pounds), junior Luis Zubiate-11th (355+155+385=895 pounds)

165-pound division, junior Devin Doerksen-fourth (450+245+480=1,175 pounds)

275-pound division, junior Kwinton Jennings-fifth (585+260+515=1,360 pounds)

Six Indians made the cut to qualify for regionals after their last qualifier in Pecos on Feb. 23. Lifters had to be ranked in the top 12 in the region to advance.

In the 123-pound division, Tran was ranked 10th.

In 148-pound division,  Luis Zubiate was ranked 11th while sophomore Gabriel Zubiate is in 12th position.

In the 165-pound category, Doerksen was ranked fifth.

Alvidrez remained atop the 220-pound division where he has been ranked first all season.

In the 275-pound division, Jennings was ranked fifth.

Results from Pecos Meet on Feb. 23

Indians took third with 29 points

148-pound category–Gabriel Zubiate-second (385+170+390=945 pounds), Luis Zubiate-third (380+170+380=930 pounds), Oscar Ariza Arellano-fourth (345+200+370=915 pounds), Adalberto Verdugo-seventh (280+130+280=690 pounds)

165-pound category–Devin Doerksen-second (440+230+475=1,145 pounds), Hayden Gray-fifth (405+230+3385=1,020 pounds), Colter Robertson-eighth (350+170+325=845 pounds)

181-pound category–William Hewitt-fourth (420+220+370=1,010 pounds)

220-pound category–Ian Alvidrez-first (635+395+635= 1,665 pounds)

242-pound category–Caleb Alexander-fifth (470+205+395=1,070 pounds)

275-pound category–Kwinton Jennings-third (535+265+495=1,295 pounds)