Lifters see next action in Seagraves and Andrews

Weight gain– Sophomore Peter Padilla deadlifts during the Seminole meet on Jan. 31. Padilla took second overall in the 114-pound class, lifting 335 pounds in deadlift and 820 pounds overall.

The powerlifters will travel to Seagraves (Indians) and Andrews (Maidens) on Feb. 21.

“As always we want every one of our kids to improve on totals from the previous meet,” Coach Ty Palmer said. “We are always talking about personal records and competing against yourself daily. We would also like to have a few move up higher in the regional rankings to solidify their spot at the regional meet.”

Palmer was proud of what the lifters have accomplished so far.

“Our seniors have done a great job of mentoring and leading this young group so far,” Palmer said. “We are looking to have a strong showing at regionals this season and provide a strong foundation for next season as well.”

The Maidens took first at the Seminole meet on Jan. 31 with 48 points, while the Indians took fourth with 22 points.

Senior Samantha Gomez’s strategy to get to state this year is to get five to 10 pounds stronger every week.

“The Seminole meet went great,” Gomez said. “The whole team was a team, not an individual. Everyone was wrapping knees and helping each other out. I did a whole lot better this meet.”

There were 12 Indian lifters that placed at the home meet. “I got fourth in the meet,” sophomore Nick Acosta said. “The highest I got was the bench at 200 pounds and I can definitely build on that for my next meets to come.”

Senior Andrew Alvidrez took first in the Seminole powerlifting meet on Jan. 31 with a total weight of 1410 pounds.

“I decided to get back in powerlifting because it’s my last year and I know I would miss it,” Alvidrez said. “The reason I quit was because Coach Proud left, but the fact that I had gotten second last year at state and watching myself work out and seeing myself gettting way stronger than I could imagine, I decided that I wanted to do powerlifting again.”

Seminole Meet Results from Jan. 31

Maidens–first with 48 points

105-pound class–junior Madi Werner–first (230+105+260 =595 pounds);

123-pound class–sophomore Amanda Rodriguez–first (270+155+260=685 pounds); junior Brittany Espinoza–second (210+110+235=555);

132-pound class–junior Macaela Rangel third (160+100+215=475);

148-pound class–junior Brittany Kelly first (290+145+300=735); senior Samantha Gomez–third (250+150+255=655);

165-pound class–junior Vanessa Perez–first (295+130+310=735)

Indians–fourth with 22 points

114-pound class–sophomore Peter Padilla–second (270+165+335=770); freshman Randy Jones–sixth (235+110+235=580); freshman Justin Guffey–seventh (150+110+190=450);

123-pound class–freshman Michael Ortega–fourth (240+165+260=665);

132-pound class–sophomore Nick Acosta–fourth (245+200+280=725); sophomore Isaiah Marquez–fifth (225+165+295=685);

148-pound class-senior Andrew Alvidrez–first place (540+330+540=1410), freshman Ransom Edwards–seventh (300+150+300=750);

165-pound class–junior Colton Kissick–fifth (330+225+355=910);

198-pound class–sophomore Andrew Sanders–ninth (290+190+300=780);

275-pound class–senior Kyle Rickman–fourth (415+285+450=1150);

super heavy weight-class–senior Easton Elrod–fourth (415+280+355=1050)