Floral students work toward certification

Symetrical design– Senior Jocelyn Gonzales works on a simulation of a symmetrical triangle design during second period. The design was crucial to the Level 1 test.

She carefully placed the red carnations in the exact spot against their backdrop of the greenery, looking at the example on the teacher’s rolling cart.

  “I enjoy looking at the colors we get to work with and learning new arrangements,” floral design senior McKenzie McClain said. “I like learning about all the different types of flowers and plants there are.”

  McClain is one of almost a dozen floral design students going for her certification. There are two levels that students must pass in order to get their certification for a future in floral design.

  “At Seminole, we have eight students obtaining the Level 1 certification,” floral design teacher Misty Day said. “Last year was the first year we could have had students get Level 2 certified; however, all testing locations were cancelled due to COVID. This year, 11 students are working to receive their level one certification, and seven students are working for their level two.”

  While passing the level certification tests can lead to a floral profession, senior Kylie Lopez sees certification as an enjoyable pastime.

  “I’m taking pre med in college, but I’m still getting my certification in floral design,”  Lopez said. “I’m getting it so that I can have a side job that I can enjoy along with work.”

  Getting this certification in high school allows  a head start on a career path.

  “Getting this certification will give you more of an advantage on getting a job to be a florist than most people,”  Lopez said. “They will see that you already know what to do, so you have a higher chance of getting hired in cities.”

 The level certifications, which would be done virtually this year, involved being able to complete symmetrical triangle and right triangle hands-on arrangements, corsage and boutonniere building, and an online test.

  “The Texas State Florist Association Level 1 is great for students to show they have a solid entry level knowledge of the floral industry,” Day said. “These are first-year students and would be valuable assistants in a flower shop. The TSFA Level 2 certification shows florists these second-year students are ready to design in any retail flower store.”