MY VIEW: My parents teach lessons in real love

MY VIEW: My parents teach lessons in real love

Love isn’t something you can just roll dice at. I have learned what love is and how it is to love. It may be hard to find love, but once true love is found, it could never die. 

  My parents have always shone as a bright example for me. All my life my mother and father have loved each other unconditionally. Many times I have asked them what they would do if I was missing. Every time they stated that they would do anything to find me. The reason why they said this is because they love me unconditionally, which really helped me learn that true love is a beautiful thing. When I feel love for someone I can just feel warmth in my heart that gives me a smile every time I see him or her. 

  Different forms of love live in this harsh world. Teens today lack love for themselves. I have had a long road to where I am today. In the past I have experienced a series of name callings and bullying, and, of course, I lacked the love for myself for a while. The hole that sucked me in really emptied my heart. Once again, my parents saved the day when they were the ones who taught me how to love myself. 

  For a long time, I was terrified to walk into a room and talk to new people. My parents saw that I was down, and they hugged me and told me that I was beautiful for being me–no matter what others said, I still would remain myself. These messages from my parents helped me view things in a different way. I learned to control myself and my feelings, and that I shouldn’t have cared what others said about me. The love for myself grew, and it helped me become a better person. 

  Love can solve many puzzles. The person I am today will continue to help others and make them feel beautiful about themselves. 

  Love is a choice that can change your life and views permanently. Teens struggle to make the right choices when it comes to their love lives.   

  During my time in the student council, I have been exposed to what happens in toxic and abusive relationships. I have never experienced a toxic relationship, but with the education, I received on the subject, I have begun to see that my brother has been the victim of a toxic relationship. Here are signs of a toxic relationship: getting blamed for issues out of your control, overreactions toward others’ actions being pinned to you, and putting you down only because of a parental dispute. If you are in a toxic relationship you may feel like it is wrong to get out of it. My advice is to do what my brother did: learn that love is not abusing them to cause pain to their heart. I had to stand by my brother and support him as he learned a heavy life lesson.

  Love is the most powerful feeling a human can achieve. Hate is easy, but love takes work and sacrifice. My parents have taught me this lesson, and it’s one I will have with me forever.