OUR VIEW: Your future rests solely on your shoulders


artwork by Sydney Gonzales

 For high school students, now is the time that determines their futures takes them. A majority of students are unsure about their futures but are willing to take on the responsibility of preparing for it. Another portion simply says “Meh. I just want to drop out and become a rapper.” This shows a clear divide in how students are tackling this decisive phase of their lives, and it’s becoming an alarming problem. The truth is, no one determines your future but you.

  High school students must put in the effort to prepare for their futures. College education or higher training is required for higher-paying job fields in today’s world, and large percentages of students aren’t even considering further education. It is common to hear students use cop-out excuses about the state of their futures. “No one in my family has gone to college”, “The SAT and ACT are too hard”, and “It’s too expensive to go to college” are all familiar excuses used to justify failing to prepare for the future. 

  Others, while saying they are considering college or another type of post-high school education are unsure about what in what career field they would like to specialize. Most troubling are students who aren’t even considering what their future will be like at all, preferring to keep their mind locked in the present where they are most comfortable.

  Solutions to these problems are within easy reach, but they will require effort. This high school provides mountains of free SAT/ACT preparation work and study materials that will assist in taking college entrance exams. They even provide the TSI test for free. Teachers, who have all been through the process themselves, can help students with any questions they may have or at least direct them to the correct source. Students can arrange a visit with the career counselor for testing help, FAFSA help and a myriad of other areas. 

  Another common excuse is “It’s too expensive to go to college.” While it is obvious that student debt and expenses are a problem for college students, there are methods to alleviate these issues. For instance, students can earn college credit through dual credit courses for one-tenth the cost of on-campus college courses. Colleges and training schools offer full and partial scholarships, especially for students participating in extracurricular activities. Grants are also available. Fill out the FAFSA and find out. There are various alternatives to college, such as trade school, which costs significantly less than college and can help make a career out of a particular skill.

  Co-curricular activities can act as a solution to those questioning what they will do with their future. Taking classes that address interests can help students find out what they enjoy doing and where their strengths lie. Taking more challenging courses teaches significant knowledge for potential careers. Students who claim they want to be engineers or doctors but don’t take advanced math and science are not living in reality. 

  A lack of interest or motivation hurts no one but the individual. Get involved and take an active interest in your future. Take a test online to help with a career decision. High school doesn’t last forever. Each student will eventually have to make a choice to determine his or her future. As tempting as they may be, YouTube and Tik Tok are not going to do this for you.