BAG LADY: New Lubbock store pairs merchandise and philanthropy


BoxLunch Rating ♦♦♦♦♦

The store BoxLunch has been around since 2015 and has just recently been discovered by this part of Texas. A BoxLunch was opened in Lubbock in November. While there are 50 BoxLunch stores, nationwide, only 12 exist in Texas.

  BoxLunch is a store for all ages with items popular culture items ranging from book bags to t-shirts to Pop figures from all the popular TV, movie and anime platforms! 

  BoxLunch is owned by Hot Topic. However, BoxLunch isn’t just focused on the teen audience which is just one of many reasons my family loves it so much.

  BoxLunch does have pricey items, but they also give you discount coupons for every purchase you make. You receive three 15 percent off coupons for every in-store and online purchase! When shopping online, ordering $75 or more gets free shipping! There’re also buy-one-get-one 30 percent off options in their stores. The clearance section of the store is great also! Once I bought my friend three shirts for her birthday for just $25.  

  BoxLunch also has a conscience. They have their own websites where they’ve team up with Feeding America to donate a meal to someone in need every time $10 is spent in their store. In fact, that’s the origin of their name.. There’s also an option to donate straight to those in need. BoxLunch has gift card giveaways for $100 as well, and all you have to do is write a review on their store.

  The only drawback is that BoxLunch sometimes get overzealous in their involvement with my shopping. One time I was looking at My Hero Academia items, which are things I know little to nothing about, and an employee was beside me pointing out 20 items she thought I had to have when I was just looking around. The upside is that you could always just look online and not have to deal with employees looking for commission or whatever.

  BoxLunch has finally come to West Texas which is great because I was going to Fort Worth for the nearest fix. Check out the new store in South Plains Mall and you just might find something you have to have. I always do.