EDITORIALLY SPEAKING: Former editors talk about being on staff

A 75th Anniversary Special

“My absolute favorite part was writing the stories. Something that surprised me during the writing process was how much I got to learn about my classmates, the school, and even about myself. It was such a joy and truly one of the most memorable experiences of my high school career.”

    -Sara Fehr, editor 2015-15 

“I’d say I’ve carried proofreading into my life the most. Everything I do now I proofread with something to mark mistakes. It just makes things a whole lot easier in the long run.”

-Blue Franklin, editor 2013-14

“I loved being an editor when I was in high school. I got to know my classmates in different ways by interviewing them or working with them, I got to watch movies and read book for my review column, and I got to edit the work of my “underlings”. Grading my peers was kind of fun.  I guess because I felt confident enough in editing skills I learned over the years.”

  -Maggie (Teichroeb) Peters, editor 2011-12

“My favorite part of being an editor, specifically the editor in chief of the War Whoop, was that I got the corner desk. I had Williamson several times a day, and I was in that room a lot, so having my own space where I could leave stuff was really convenient.” 

   -Eva Neufeld, editor 2016-17

“The staff included several talented writers and editors who put in time and effort that made it possible for our newspaper to win an award at competition. I had a lot of responsibilities as the editor in chief, but I know that award was because of a hard-working group of people–not just me.”

     -Sarah Patterson, editor 2014-15

“As demanding and stressful as the environment could be, I loved my time as an editor. Interviewing was way out of my comfort zone, but I felt accomplished after I finished the work I did. I felt a bit motherly as an editor, feeling proud after seeing the staff’s work come together as well.”

         -Anna Teichroeb, editor 2017-18