Publications take 75 awards in state competition


Trifecta–Senior Kevin Ronquillo takes three Tops in Texas awards at the Interscholastic League Press Conference in Austin on April 15. Ronquillo defeated all competitors from middle school through 6A in three categories: online sports action photo, online student artwork and online photo portfolio.

The four journalism department publications took 75 individual awards in statewide competition. The awards were announced at the Interscholastic League Press Conference in Austin on April 15.

Senior Kevin Ronquillo took three Tops in Texas awards, meaning he beat everyone is Texas (middle school through 6A) for online sports action photo, online photo portfolio and online student artwork. In addition to his medals, Ronquillo won an autographed copy of Undocumented, a book by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer John Moore, who not only was a presenter at the state convention, but also was once a student at the convention.

The 2022 Tepee yearbook took an overall Award of Distinguished Merit.

Individual Achievement Awards went to:

Theme development–graduates Esmeralda Castillo Derma and Tamara Hernandez-third place; Index Spread–senior Heidi Giesbrecht, Ronquillo and graduate Allison Cope-second place; Captions–junior Nevaeh Alvarado-second place; Student Life-Focused Spread–graduate Ximena Mendoza Porras-honorable mention; Sports-Focused Spread–Castillo Derma-second, senior Dalayni Perez-honorable mention; Academic-Focused Spread–Alvarado-honorable mention; People Section Spread–graduate Aganetha Wall-third place; Club/Organization-Focused Spread–Ronquillo-first place; Blended Coverage Spread–seniors Rachel Froese and Allie Deleon-first place; Infographic–Froese-honorable mention; Sports Feature Story–Castillo Derma–honorable mention; Club/Organization Feature Story–Giesbrecht-second place, Ronquillo third place; Personality Profile Story–Wall-first place, junior Josilyn Wilkerson-second place; Sports Action Photo–Ronquillo-third place; Sports Feature Photo–junior Aylin Del Castillo Garcia-second place; Academic Photo–graduate Hope Morales-third place; Student Life Photo–Kimberly Pedragon Mercado-third place; Club/Organization Photo–Emma Neudorf-third place, Ronquillo-honorable mention; Photo Portfolio–Ronquillo-second place.

The War Whoop print newspaper took an overall Award of Distinguished Merit.

Individual Achievement Awards went to:

Editorial Writing–Giesbrecht-second place, Giesbrecht-honorable mention; Photo Story-junior Esveydi Reyes, Froese, sophomore Nayla Hernandez, Perez, sophomore Emily Gutierrez, Ronquillo-third place; Sports Column–Perez-third place; Student Art–Ronquillo-first place, Ronquillo-second place; Infographic/Sidebar–Giesbrecht-honorable mention; Cartoon–Ronquillo-first place, Ronquillo-second place; Editorial Page/Spread Design–Giesbrecht and Ronquillo-second place; Page One Newspaper Design–Giesbrecht and Ronquillo-third place; General News Photo-Froese-third place; Sports Action Photo–Reyes-first place, Gutierrez-third place; Photo Portfolio–Gutierrez-second place.

The newspaper took an overall Award of Achievement.

Individual Achievement Awards went to:

News Writing: Hernandez-second place; News Feature–Giesbrecht-third place; Editorial Writing–Giesbrecht-first place; Sports News Story–Perez-first place; Sports Feature Story–Perez-first place, Perez-second place; Feature Writing–Giesbrecht-second place; Entertainment Review–Giesbrecht-first place, Froese-second place; Personal Column–Giesbrecht-second place; Sports Column–Perez-first place; Student Artwork/Cartoon–Ronquillo-first place; Feature Photo–senior Mercedes Rey-first place, Ronquillo-second place; General News Photo–Ronquillo-second place; Entertainment Photo–Gutierrez-fist place, Rey-second place; Sports Action Photo–Ronquillo-first place, Rey-second place; Sports Feature Photo–Ronquillo-first place; Photo Portfolio–Ronquillo-first place.

The BEAT broadcast program took an overall Award of Honor.

Individual Achievement Awards went to:

General News Story–Rey-third place, Froese-honorable mention; Feature Story–Froese and Rey-honorable mention; General Sports Story–Froese-first place, Rey-second place; Anchor Presentation–Ronquillo and Rey-honorable mention, Ronquillo and Froese-honorable mention; Graphics–Ronquillo-first place; Commercial/PSA–Ronquillo-second place; Technical Directing–Ronquillo-second place; Intro Sequence–Ronquillo-third place