UIL academics takes second in district meet by only five points


The UIL academic team took second overall at the district meet held over a two-week period. The competition ranges over 24 events across multiple genres.

Andrews was first with 584 points, while Seminole scored 579 points (136-point improvement over 2022). Monahans had 191, Greenwood had 176, Pecos had 83 and Fort Stockton had 82.

Regionals will be at Texas Tech on April 21-22. Regional qualifiers are denoted with an asterisk.

The speech team took first overall with 174 points after competition in Monahans on March 28.

In informative speaking, senior Joseph Rezac took first*, sophomore Rachel Rempel was second*, and junior Edison Shepard was sixth.

In persuasive speaking, sophomore Grace Howard took second*, junior Daniel Lapusan was third*, and freshman Joey Penner took fifth.

In Lincoln-Douglas debate, Rempel was first*, Howard took second*, and Penner took fourth.

In poetry interpretation, Lapusan took first*, junior Aubrey Brown was third*, and sophomore Jenna Sales was fifth.

In prose interpretation, sophomore Leah Martin took first*, freshman Kobe Cabello was third* and sophomore Javen Gutierrez was fifth.

The cross-examination team of junior Jonathan Holt the Shepard competed earlier in the year, taking fifth place.

The number sense team of junior Eduardo Rodarte, freshman Eva Thiessen, junior Omar Gameros and sophomore Jack Chen* took first. Individually Rodarte in second*, Thiessen in third* and Gameros in fifth*.

In calculator applications, senior Lizbeth Lorenzo took fourth.

The mathematics team of Gameros, Rodarte, Thiessen and junior Daniel Lapusan took first overall with Gameros and Rodarte tying for second*, Thiessen in fifth* and Chen and Lapusan tying for sixth*.

The science team of junior Gavin Dickson, senior Jason Lawrence, Thiessen and sophomore Hannah Jones took first overall.  Individually Dickson was first place overall and first in chemistry and tying for first in physics*. Lawrence took third overall, tying for first in physics*. Thiessen was fourth overall* while Jones was fifth overall*.

In computer science, Lapusan was fourth.

The social studies team of sophomore Ethan Salazar, sophomore Isabella Hare, freshman Tristan Goodwin and  freshman Noah Franco took second place. Salazar took first individually*, while Hare was sixth.

The current events team of Salazar, Martin, Franco and Goodwin took second overall. Salazar took third individually*.

The spelling and vocabulary team of junior Amy Klassen, junior Susana Friessen and senior Abby Fortner took first overall. Individually Klassen was first*, Friessen was second* and Fortner was fifth*.

In literary criticism, Martin took third individually*.

In ready writing, Friessen was first*.

The journalism team took first overall with 111 points.

In news writing, senior Heidi Giesbrecht took first*, junior Ingrid Lopez Jimenez was fifth and freshman Melissa Gutierrez was sixth.

In feature writing, Giesbrecht took second*, senior Rachel Froese was third* and Guterrez was fifth.

In editorial writing, Giesbrecht was third* and  Froese was fourth.

In headline writing, Giesbrecht was second* and Lopez Jimenez was fifth.

In copyediting, Lopez Jimenez was fourth, while Froese took fifth.

The one-act play advanced to bi-district on March 8, earning 25 points. Martin and sophomore Owen Adam took all-star cast honors.  Lapusan was honorable mention all-star cast. Senior Cassandra Fuentes was recognized for technical crew.