Basketball coronation will have different schedule

The basketball court will be introduced on Feb. 3 at a pep rally and again during the varsity games that night.

The basketball court includes senior Queen Adriana Langley, senior attendant Audri Garcia, junior attendant Yatziry Argonez Chavarria, sophomore attendant Kilee Ivy and freshman attendant Fedra Ortiz.

Basketball coronation schedule:

First Period: 8:10-8:55

Second Period: 8:59-9:44

Third Period: 9:48-10:33

Fourth Period: 10:37-11:22

Fifth Period (A lunch) 11:26-12:11

Sixth Period (B lunch) 12:15-1 

Seventh Period: 1:04-1:49

Eighth Period: 1:53-2:38

Pep Rally: 2:42-3:10

Ninth Period: 3:14-3:59