Senior wins canned food drive

Solitary winner–Senior Yasmin Saenz won the canned food drive as an individual with 1,149 cans. Saenz is a class of only one person.

  Senior Yasmin Saenz collected 1,149 cans on her own to win the canned food drive in September.

Since she was the only office aide during second period, she decided to take on the homeroom challenge on her own. 

Saenz asked for donations from local stores.

“I just came up with the idea on my own,” Saenz said. “I imagine it goes to families in need or orphanage homes or homeless.

She said local businesses were eager to help.

While getting that many cans made her feel good and it was easy, she said that it would have been even easier if more people were involved so she wouldn’t have had to take charge.

“I just hope it helped a lot of  families because everyone deserves food,”  Saenz said. 

Seminole ISD  collected 9447 cans along with $827.46 in donations to take the trophy over Andrews, which collected 4,136 cans.  The Elementary collected the most cans of any campus and will be presented with a trophy.