Upperclassmen inaugurate new program

  The new Workforce Industry Training program is in full swing with approximately 60 upperclassmen who were inducted on Feb. 13.

  “The new WIT program is a science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM-based program,” WIT sponsor Joe Carter said. “It gives students a variety of careers to think about going into. We will have monthly meetings and go on field trips to better learn about STEM.”

  WIT also gives out scholarships to students involved in the program.

  “This program can answer the question of what will I do after high school for students,”  Carter said. “WIT will even give out some scholarships.”

  Senior WIT President Madison Carter said the program gives exposure to future interests from its members.

  “WIT gives you the opportunity to learn more about the STEM field and to understand the path to different careers,” she said. “Instead of trying to figure out what you want to do in your first couple years of college, you have the opportunity to be exposed to that in high school.”

  The program has helped senior Vice President Kassey Gallardo.

  “WIT is going to help me explore my future career,” Gallardo said. “I’m interested in this type of career, so WIT is a good thing for me to be involved in.”

Junior Secretary Macey Duncan said the program will benefit her college requirements.

  “I chose to do WIT because it looks good on college applications,” Duncan said, “plus you get to do and see cool and do interesting things.”

  The WIT program developed from Texas A&M’s Nuclear Power Institute and involves schools across Texas with local sponsors.

  “Thirty-one schools in Texas are doing this program,” Mr.  Carter said. “It grows every year because it’s had an impact on many students involved in it.”