Speech team attends two-tournament weekend

The speech team competed in two tournaments in San Angelo on Nov. 1-2.

Nov. 1 results:

In prose, junior Alayna Amen took third, junior Cathryn Johnson was fifth, junior Moises Ybaben Burciaga took sixth.

In foreign extemporaneous speaking, Amen was sixth.

In domestic interpretation, senior Jaicen Clark was sixth.

In dramatic interpretation, senior Madison Dyck took first, junior Reese Cooper was second, Johnson was fifth, senior Eleny Macias took sixth.

In humorous interpretation, junior Natasha Fehr took fifth.

In poetry, Cooper took second, Macias was third, Johnson was sixth.

In program oral interpretation, Cooper was second.

In duo interpretation, the team of  Dyck and Macias took first, the team of Cooper and  Johnson  took second.

In duet acting, the team of Macias and sophomore Anthony Pedroza were first, the team of N. Fehr and junior Sky Reyes were third, the team of sophomores Michael Fehr and Makayla Randolph were sixth.

Macias was chosen as outstanding interper.

Nov. 2 results:

In prose, Amen was first,  Reyes was third, junior Dayana Busanes was fifth, Johnson took sixth.

In program oral interpretation, Cooper was fifth.

In poetry, Cooper was first, Pedroza took third, Randolph was fifth.

In duo interpretation, the team of Cooper and Johnson took first, Dyck and Macias too third.

In dramatic interpretation, junior Micah Smith took second, Dyck was third, Johnson was fifth.

In impromptu speaking, senior Lisa Loewen was fourth, junior Bradley Everett was sixth.

In domestic extemporaneous speaking, Everett took fifth, sophomore Caleb Stanley was sixth.

In duet acting, Pedroza and Macias took third, N. Fehr and Reyes were fourth, M. Fehr and Randolph took fifth.

In humorous interpretation, Macias was second, N. Fehr took sixth.

Macias was once again chosen as outstanding interper.