Sides of style: Students choose their fashion paths


Four different styles–Junior Louis Carrasco, sophomore Daniela Perales Rico, junior Kevin Ronquillo and senior Cloe Webb each have a unique style.

Fashion sense was the brand, a statement, individuality…

Trends resurfaced, and students put their own spins on them. Whether brand of shoes had to match brand of shirt or wearing an upscale dress, dressing in alternative styles or blending from thrift stores or online resale, students came up with their individual brands. The range was limitless.

  For instance senior Neidely Veleta got a shorter haircut, which in her mind wasn’t a style so much a rebirth. 

  “Well, I don’t really have a fashion sense,” Veleta said. “I just wanted a new look. I had my hair down, and I got tired of it and decided to cut it off.” 

Each student found the comfortable, compatible style for his or her life.

  Style: Brand coordination

  Junior Louis Carrasco liked to dress “modernized”. He paired his t-shirt with the same color sneakers. He was inspired by his friend Sebastian Hernandez Fernandez who often helped him pick a style. 

  “I’ve got modern Jordans 1 and modern hoodies,” Carrasco said. “It’s just out-going.”

  Carrasco liked to shop on an online website called Goat. He said their prices are reasonable, but he was only willing to spend $300 to $400.

Carrasco’s favorite part of  his outfits are his shoes. He has multiple colors with different shirts to match.

  “My pink outfit is my favorite,” Carrasco said. “I don’t know why, but you don’t see a lot of people wearing pink. I wear the pink shirt with some black jeans and my pink shoes.”

  Style: Alternative

   Senior Cloe Webb alternates her style between an alternative look into casual. Her inspiration came from her friends in middle school.

  “I kind of found my style freshman year,” Webb said. “There was a lot of experimenting throughout middle schoo–maybe even later than that–it takes a lot of experimenting with this style to kind of figure it out.”

  Webb shops mostly in Rue 21 and Spencers, specifically in the men’s section. She likes baggier and darker clothing.

Webb doesn’t dress alternative often because she feels like it draws attention. She said she struggles to find clothing to she likes.

  “I am very specific when it come to my clothing,” Webb said. “That’s why I don’t have a whole lot of outfits that I would like to wear. If I can’t find something like my specific style, I just kind of wait until I can find something. In the meantime I just wear whatever.” 

  Webb’s favorite outfit is a black and red sweater with black cargo pants and Doc Martens.

  “It’s just comfortable,” Webb said.  “I love the way it looks; I can wear it in any weather really.”

  Style: Classy

  Sophomore Daniela Perales Rico dressed to impress. She likes to wear fancy dresses, heels and jewelry to match. Last year she began finding her style, inspired by her close friends. 

  “I like to look elegant for myself,” Perales Rico said, ” and they help me dress up that way.”  

  Perales Rico liked to shop in bigger cities with H&M as one of her favorite stores. She said she found cute dresses there that she really likes. She is not too picky with the style as long as she likes the dress. 

  “I liked the v line and the spaghetti straps,” Perales Rico said.  “They look nice together, and sometimes I like the shimmer look and silks.” 

  Perales Rico’s  favorite dress is her most expensive.

  “My red dress is my favorite because I feel like royalty,” Perales Rico said. “It makes me feel good. I can’t really describe the strong emotion I feel.”

  Style: Thrifter

  Junior Kevin Ronquillo likes to dress in vintage collections mixed with special pieces. He often thrifts for his clothing, then pieces them together. He takes his inspiration from You-Tubers and Tiktok.

  “I like to be expressive, and I enjoy dressing up,” Ronquillo said. “I like to follow fashion trends to see how people dress and sometimes follow them. I do also like to do my own thing, too.”

  Ronquillo said he believes he leaves an impression by the way he chooses to look. He was willing to spend $150 for an outfit. He went to thrift stores to shop for most of his clothes.

  “I think it’s a more sustainable way to keep clothes,” Ronquillo said,  “and you won’t be buying from fast fashion. It’s good for the environment, and also I feel like it’s cheaper, and you have a unique piece. It’s less likely for someone to have the same shirt.  It’s fun to look in thrift store; they have stuff you never knew existed.” 

  He found unique pieces in thrift stores and love to mix them together. 

  “I don’t really have a favorite–outfit just favorite pieces,” Ronquillo said.  “Like I have these skater jeans that have this cool red design on the back of them. It’s black denim and red embroidery. I like those pants–they’re very unique.  You wouldn’t see anyone else with them. It makes me feel confident because I feel like nobody here would do that.”

The key to student fashion lay in comfort and confidence. If a person felt good and felt like he or she looked good, then the outfit was a success.