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SOUNDBITE: Disney should stop messing with classics


Is Disney running out of ideas for movies? 

  I believe Disney is re-creating live-action versions of some of their most famous cartoons to make easy money with movies people already know and love. 

  While making movies based on the cartoons is guaranteed money for Disney, many writers are on strike because Disney would rather re-create Disney movies than pay writers to come up with original ideas. Disney also has demonstrated a reluctance to pay writers all the royalties they deserve from streaming films, etc.

   Many of the live-action films don’t follow the story line of the stories. For example, Mulan was significantly different from the original cartoon version. Mulan in live action is missing her humorous dragon, horse and cricket sidekicks and the musical score–both staples of Disney’s brand. 

  Disney is altering many of their live action movies to make them more modern. They are making the women more independent and less helpless, which is not a bad thing, but many of the plots were based on the male lead saving the princess. 

  One example is the 2024 live-action Snow White, which has caused much controversy among Disney fans. The plot takes out the prince saving the day and replaces the seven dwarfs with seven supernatural beings from German folklore. Disney is cutting out the hero saving the girl which to many is the appeal of the original 1937 release. 

  There is also criticism of Disney for casting a Hispanic actress in the role of Snow White much like the backlash over a Black little mermaid. To me these changes make no difference as long as the actress can handle the role.

  However, I think that no matter how good the live action versions are, they won’t ever be better than the animated versions. I have watched a lot live-action movies, but I still prefer to watch the animated versions. I think the animated versions are comforting and remind people of their childhoods. I also think the colors and music are more enjoyable for children. The art, color and sound allow us to follow the story better. 

  I have nothing against a hero saving someone, be it male or female, but what I don’t like is when they mess with a classic.

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