21 vocalists make all-region choir

Twenty-one choir members qualified for the Texas Music Educators Association All-Region Choir on Oct. 17 at Lubbock Cooper High School. The top 14 students in each section (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) qualified for the all- region choir and advanced to the area round auditions held on Nov. 14 which is the next step in the all-state process. All-state try outs are in January.

The all-region choir will rehearse and perform a concert at Lubbock Coronado High School on Nov. 5. Twenty-one of the 48 chairs in the all-region choir are from SHS.

All-region choir

Sopranos–junior Jessica Giesbrecht-third chair, sophomore Margarita Maese Carbajal-seventh chair

Altos–junior Angie Klassen Enns-second chair, junior Aubrey Brown-fourth chair, senior Olivia Rempel-11th chair, sophomore Lliani Lopez-12th chair

Tenors–junior Aidan Garza-first chair, senior Garrett Lentz-second chair, junior Jonathan Holt-third chair, freshman Adrian Balderas-fourth chair, freshman Zaiden Bergen-fifth chair, junior Landon Elder-sixth chair

Basses–sophomore Garrett Sellers-first chair, junior Carsen Cox-second chair, sophomore Owen Call-fourth chair, sophomore Javy Rodriguez-fifth chairt, junior Aiden Garibay-seventh chair, junior Alec Bergen-eighth chair, junior Nathan Friessen-10th chair, sophomore Jack Chen-11th chair, senior Jordan Giesbrecht-12th chair