33 vocalists become members of all-region choir


All-region members–(Back) Aaron Castaneda, Jacqueline Peters, Cason Johnson, Noe Ybaben Burciaga, Andrew Banman, Kaillon Sawatzky, Eli Call, Daniel Carrizales, Carmine Flores, (middle) Liz Pinon, Dalilah Trevino, Jazmin Guenther, Amber Wilkey, Nathan Banman, Lisa Klassen, Robin Franklin, Dylan Banman, Isaiah Roybal, Jordan Neufeld, (front) Kataryna Felan, Carsen Cox, Aidan Garza, Samantha Gutierrez, Leah Smith, Moises Ybaben Burciaga, Jonathan Holt, Nathan Friessen, Angie Klassen, Aubrey Brown (also Carrie Quiring, Aidan Garibay, Abby Fortner, Garrett Lentz

Thirty-three vocalists made the all-region choir after virtual tryouts on Oct. 9-12. All 33 earned the right to tryout for pre area on Nov. 20-22.

All-region members include:

Sopranos: second chair–senior Lisa Klassen, fourth chair–freshman Angie Klassen, sixth chair–senior Carrie Quiring, seventh chair–senior Amber Wilkey, ninth chair–senior Samantha Gutierrez, 12th chair–senior Leah Smith

Altos: first chair- -senior Jacqueline Peters, third chair–freshman Aubrey Brown, fifth chair–junior Liz Pinon, sixth chair–junior Kataryna Felan, seventh chair–juniorJazmin Guenther, ninth chair-junior Dalilah Trevino, 12th chair–sophomore Abby Fortner, 13th chair–senior Robin Franklin

Tenors: first chair–senior Moises Ybaben Burciaga, third chair–junior Eli Call, fourth chair–freshman Jonathan Holt, sixth chair–freshman Aidan Garza, seventh chair–sophomore Garrett Lentz, eighth chair–junior Dylan Banman, ninth chair–junior Isaiah Roybal, 11th chair–sophomore Nathan Banman, 12th chair–freshman Nathan Friessen

Basses: second chair–junior Noe Ybaben Burciaga, third chair–junior Jordan Neufeld, fourth chair–junior Cason Johnson, fifth chair–senior Kaillon Sawatzky, sixth chair–sophomore Aaron Castaneda, seventh chair–freshman Carson Cox, eighth chair–freshman Aiden Garibay, 10th chair–junior Daniel Carrizales, 12th chair–sophomore Carmin Flores, 13th chair–Andrew Banman