SOUNDBITE: Nation’s top movie is worth hype


courtesy of Disney Studios

Rated G   ♦♦♦♦◊

Well, folks, Disney-Pixar has done it again. Their new movie, Onward, was a swing and a home run for me. It was the number one movie last weekend.

The story itself focuses on two brothers trying to find a phoenix gem to bring back the remaining half of their father. 

 I don’t have any siblings, so I couldn’t fully relate to the story, but I still cried like a baby. So, it is worth the watch.

  It stars Tom Holland (Avengers: Endgame) as Ian Lightfoot, the protagonist of the story. It also brings in Chris Pratt (Parks and Rec) as his quirky but nerdy, brother Barley. 

  I don’t want to spoil a lot of the movie, but I  believe that the message behind it is that not all father figures have to actually be your dad. You can find them anywhere, whether it be your uncle, cousin, best friend, etc. You get the idea!.

  The movie itself did feel like it dragged on for a little longer than needed. The plot moved slowly near the beginning, but I’m sure that had something to do with the future events in the movie.

  The animation is personally one of Disney-Pixar’s best. The bright colors often contrast against a dull background. The characters themselves have outfits that contrast nicely with their soft blue skin. Barley has a vest he wears that is covered in other Pixar references, which I found funny. 

  Comparing it to other animated movies I’ve seen, it probably ranks in my top five, mostly for its animation over the plot, but at least it was easy to follow. There were no large plot holes, and it didn’t jump around much.

  Overall, I’d consider this a good movie to watch as a family. Is it worth the price? Maybe not. I think that if your heart and soul aren’t into watching it, as mine was, it’s probably best to just wait until it’s out on a digital copy.