Artists get ready for competition

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 As VASE (Visual Arts Scholastic Event) region competition approaches, students are rushing to finish and add last minute details to their projects. Artists will compete in VASE competition in Plainview on Feb. 16. 

   Former state qualifier, senior Victoria Lujan said she got her supplies and started on her sculpture in January. 

  Last year’s venue was in Wolfforth, but it moved to Plainview this year with new judges. Some contestants will have to adjust to the environment. 

  “It’s good that they changed it, but partially bad,” Lujan said. “I remember when they first started it at Frenship, it took a while to set up. So now that they moved it to a new place, it might be slower to get it together. In general the change is good.”

   Lujan’s project, a torso with a fluffy white outside layer, required a great deal of tedious work. She said it is meant to give off the feeling of overwhelming emotions. 

  “It’s a guy who is leaning on his desk feeling tired with colors coming out of his mouth,” Lujan said. “Most of my piece is mainly inspired by depression, but I also wanted to convey certain other feelings in it.”  

  Due to the new venue, experienced contestants might not feel the same confidence as before.

  “I may be a little out of my comfort zone,” Lujan said. “Having been to state last year makes it easier to get used to.” 

  Senior Tristan Williams is entering two projects. He has been working on them over three years. One is a digital piece called “Perfection” and the second is a comic piece called “Stairs”. 

  “I got the idea when I went to Rosa’s with my family,” Williams said. “We were talking about the next ‘step’ in my career, and that just stuck with me, so I decided to create something out of it.” 

  The VASE projects must be submitted with a teacher profile, full titles, and reflect what a student has done during art class this school year under an art teacher who is a current member of Texas Art Education Association.

  As the deadline approaches, VASE artists feel the tension rise. First time contestant sophomore David Vellejo Herrera said he needs to stay calm and finish his project.

  “I am really nervous because there are more people who are more skilled and experienced with art,” Vellejo Herrera said. “It gives me a better image of what to expect next year.”