63 vocalists qualify for state competition

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Sixty-three vocalists took Division I ratings on Class I music at UIL solo and ensemble competition in Wolfforth on Feb. 2. They will advance to state competition in Pflugerville at the end of May.

First Division “Superior” rating on Class I solo (state qualifying)

Senior Seth Allain, seniorAbigail Avitia Lopez, freshman Dylan Banman, junior Hailey Blair, senior Jesus Bustamante, freshman Eli Call, sophomore Laysha Castillo, junior Jaicen Clark, junior Braylee Dufour, sophomore Robin Franklin, sophomore Briana Froese, sophomore Linda Giesbrecht, senior Dillon Gutierrez, sophomore Samantha Gutierrez, senior Phiona Hiebert, freshman Cason Johnson, freshman Bijan Kantar, sophomore Lisa Klassen, senior Thomas Letkeman, freshman Stanley Martens, sophomore Janessa Neufeld, sophomore Jacqueline Peters, sophomore Carrie Quiring, senior Josh Ramirez, sophomore Karlissa Rempel, sophomore Kaillon Sawatzky, senior Austin Shortes, sophomore Amber Wilkey and sophomore Moises Ybaben Burciaga

First Division “Superior” rating singing a Class II solo (non-state qualifying)

freshman Ana Aguilera Hinojos, freshman Kataryna Felan, freshman Emma Flenniken, freshman Haley Guenther, freshman Jazmin Guenther,

freshman Sydney Loewen, freshman Jordan Neufeld, freshman Ian Ramirez and freshman Dalilah Trevino

First Division “Superior” ensembles (state qualifying)

Ensemble 1: Madrigal, “All Creatures Now” by John Bennet

 Allain, senior Carson Early, junior Kimberly Froese, Klassen, junior Erin Lentz, senior Nathaniel Little, Rempel,  Shortes, Wilkey and freshman Dane Wimmer

Ensemble 2: Madrigal, “All Creatures Now” by John Bennet

 Blair,  Call,  Clark, junior Madison Dyck, senior Aaron Edwards, senior Kambree Ellison, Hiebert, senior Ivan Neufeld, J. Neufeld and J. Ramirez

Ensemble 3: Madrigal, “All Creatures Now” by John Bennet

 Avitia Lopez, Bustamante, junior Destiny Conejo, seniorKaylee Flenniken, Franklin, S. Gutierrez, Letkeman, Quiring,  Sawatzky and Ybaben Burciaga

Ensemble 4: Madrigal, “All Creatures Now” by John Bennet

junior Abby Cruz,  Dufour, senior Isabella Friesen, sophomore Kelseigh Friesen, Giesbrecht,

 Johnson, Kantar,  Martens, junior Dylan Stokes and senior Brittney Weeks

Ensemble 5: Madrigal, “Coletta” by Francois-Auguste Gevaert 

freshman Andrew Banman, freshman Kataryna Felan, freshman Isyss Flores, Froese, J.  Guenther,

freshman Michaela Holley, freshman Jordan Neufeld, I. Ramirez and sophomore Alondra Wiebe

Ensemble 6: Madrigal, “Coletta” by Francois-Auguste Gevaert 

Aguilera Hinojos, junior Damon Casarez, Castillo, freshman Jose Conejo, sophomore Kasey Hogue,

sophomore Shaquana Lane,  Loewen,  Trevino, and freshman Noe Ybaben Burciaga


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