I’M JUST SAYING: Sifting through gaming options as a student of digital world

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 It’s amazing to think about how much video games have evolved. From the days of the 8-bit Atari to huge gaming systems making billions of dollars for tech companies, gaming has definitely changed. Still, one thing that’s always stayed the same in the world of video games is competition between consoles. However, only one can have the title of “the best”. 

  I’ll be providing my views on this current generation of systems to find which one truly is the best for you. I would love to reminisce on the good old days of the DS and Wii, but understanding the current generation of consoles will give you a better perspective on which system fits you.

  Let’s take a look at the most recent console released this generation, the Nintendo Switch. As someone who purchased the Switch during the first month of its release, I can safely say I don’t regret it at all. From the start I was immediately delighted with “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” which released with the console to tremendously positive reviews. It became my personal game of the year for 2017 and started my love for the Switch.

  “Breath of the Wild” isn’t the only great game the Switch has to offer. I spent hours and hours getting absorbed in the worlds of popular Switch games like “Super Mario Odyssey” and “Octopath Traveler”. “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”, which was released last December, easily became my favorite game of 2018.

  Even though I do love the Switch, I can admit it has various flaws. The Switch is noticeably underpowered compared to other consoles due to it being hosted on a small tablet, which makes it hard for larger, more intensive games. The disastrous paid online service for the Switch has also been a major disappointment, with connection issues a noticeable problem many months after its release.

  Other consoles I’ve played on have proven themselves to be great, too. Recently, I received a Playstation 4 for Christmas, which I’ve loved as well. The graphics of the system amazed me when I first played it on my father’s 4k TV. In games like “Monster Hunter World”, I find myself stopping and taking a moment to observe the breathtaking environments. I decided to get a PS4 for games that I couldn’t play on Switch or PC, making the PS4 a great investment. While I’ve just started playing on it, I’m definitely interested in exploring more games the PlayStation has to offer. 

  I wonder what the people using typewriters in the 1800s would think if they knew that in 2018 we’d be using advanced typewriters to play thousands of digital games. It is a strange thought, using something made for writing like a keyboard as a controller, but with the prevalence of personal computer gaming in the 2000s, it doesn’t seem so abnormal anymore. I’ve been enjoying the wonders of PC gaming, from when I was running games at 10 frames per second on my mom’s various laptops she used to pay bills to nowadays where I have my own powerful PC setup.

  The PC is always a great pick as a gaming system. This is due to the expansive amount of games you can find on PC thanks to digital stores such as Steam. PC gaming also has an edge over consoles because of its availability for modifying games. Consoles have tried to allow users to mod their games, but the amount of modding power the PC has is unparalleled.

  One of the most noticeable cons of PC gaming is how expensive the hobby is. If you want a super powerful PC, you’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars, and possibly thousands if you want an unnecessarily powerful PC setup. PC also misses out on some great games exclusive to specific consoles, and some ports of console games to PC don’t turn out very well. Despite the large price tag, PC gaming gives you the most power over your gaming experience.

  Overall, if I had to pick the “best” gaming system, I’d choose the Switch. Its selection of exclusive games as well as its portability makes it a great buy for anyone. It’s definitely my favorite console this generation, and I plan on playing it for all the years of its lifetime.